Wired article on Parallels and Virtualization

Interesting article on Wired on Parallels new VM. They talk throughout the whole article about “virtualization”, as opposed to dual booting, as simply a virtual machine. Nowhere until the very end do they mention any “special” hardware technology that helps speed up virtualization.

Funny that they don’t mention Intel Virtualization Technology at all by name until the end, and they also say that the Mac mini’s Core Duo processor doesn’t have it. Hmm. I thought it did. It runs plenty fast on my mini.

That said, not all of the new Intel-Macs will handle virtualization equally. Parallels Workstation is expected to run better on the MacBook Pro and iMac than it will on the Mac mini, Rudolph said. That’s because the two higher-end machines include chip-level hardware support, known as Intel virtualization technology, or VT, that improves performance to near-native levels, he said.

I’ll have to ask Tod, who’s installing in a Parallels VM on his Mac Book Pro, and do some comparison. AFAIK, the only difference between his Core Duo 2GHz and my Core Duo 1.6GHz chip is speed.

Am I misinformed? Is this inaccurate reporting on Wired’s part? I don’t know. I just hope that people catch on about the benefit of this cool Intel technology, that’s available today. 🙂


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  1. TechNo says:

    I’m eager to learn more of your experience with Paralles software. Please do keep us posted. Thanks

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