XP on Mac Parallels Virtualization

XP on Mac Parallels Virtualization, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Check out how Intel “Vanderpool” Virtualization Technology (VT) is used in Parallels’ Workstation virtual machine.

Windows XP running in the VM reports that it has a single “T2300” processor at 1.66GHz (this is on a Core Duo Mac mini).

Basically, VT allows Windows to use one of the CPUs and Mac OSX to use the other.

The result? A very usable Windows instance inside the VM. Faster than Virtual PC or Q. The fastest VM I’ve ever used.

Very promising for Mac users who need to keep one foot in Windows land…


4 thoughts on “XP on Mac Parallels Virtualization

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  2. BlueK says:

    Would this technique work both ways? Run virtual WindowsXP within MaxOS and run virtual MacOS from within WindowsXP?

  3. Well, Parallels has a Windows version of their VM software, so theoretically, if you could get Mac OSX to install inside the VM, it would work.

    The problem is going to be getting Mac OSX to install inside the VM.

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