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I have way too many domain names. Ever since I start blogging on my own domains, I’ve had this thing where I’m constantly hearing various combinations of names, and thinking “ooh! that would make a great domain name!”, and then I buy it.

I have a rule about picking domain names – only names that you don’t have to spell every time you tell it to someone, or have to explain how to pronounce it whenever you write it. No weird spellings, no hyphens, etc.

As a result, I have 24 domain names registered, and I’m only actively using about half of them. Even though it’s pretty cheap ($5.99/year) through my web host (1and1) for domain names, I’d rather see these names being used for something cool. So I’m giving them away.

The first one up on the block is As in “the little white-on-orange RSS/XML/feed icon”. I was thinking it would be a good name for a blog about RSS, blogging, geeky stuff like that. But you could use it for whatever.

How is the giveaway going to work? Post in the comments below what you’d do with the domain. I’ll pick the best answer, and the domain is yours. Be creative and clever – the judging is going to be completely subjective. Oh, and if you have cool gadgetry to offer, I can be bribed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is for the domain name only – no hosting or other support is included, but I’ll work with the winner within reason to get the name transfered to them and set up. This is the first of 7 ot 8 domains that I’d like to give away, so there will be more to come.

May the best idea win!


9 thoughts on “Domain Name Giveaway –

  1. Well, I guess being the first counts for something ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for what I would do with domain… I suppose i could use it both for keeping track of the best aggregators out there (something I would like to do anyways) and/or I would use it in order to blog about the C# aggregator that I am interesting in doing

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  3. Tony says:

    I’m starting an anime download website but i dont have funds to get a domain. This would really help me out .

    Thanks in advance

  4. Mark says:

    well if some one could register for me that would rock is having a daal but you need a credit card for them to kno your over 18 its free though can someone do that for me thx

  5. I would use that domain has a collective/artwork site where I would post my collection of sites and all my designs just for show. ๐Ÿ™‚

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