Flickr updates Organizr, loses ability to Send photos to a Group

I was playing around with the recently updated Flickr Organizr (a really cool Flash way of dragging your photos around to edit them as a batch, etc.). Very slick interface – hard to believe this is a web app. Top notch UI, which I expect from Flickr.

But I noticed one feature that I used a lot has been completely removed – there’s no longer any interface for sending any of your photos to a Group.

I used this feature a lot – I often upload photos in batches of 10 or 20, and when I was done, I’d go to the old Organizr, select the “Groups” view, and drag the photos to the appropriate group that I wanted to share with.

It looks to me like the Groups functionality has been completely removed. Bummer. That means we’re reduced to clicking on “Send to Group” for each individual photo, one at a time. Slow, painful, and inconvenient.

Here’s hoping they put this feature back soon! Stewart and Caterina, can you hear me? 🙂

EDIT: Score -1 for reading comprehension. I was just re-reading the Flickr blog post announcing the change, and saw this little tidbit:

By the way, we’ve snipped “Your Groups” out of the Organizr temporarily. It will return!

So, I guess we won’t have to wait too long, or make a fuss to get this feature back. 🙂


One thought on “Flickr updates Organizr, loses ability to Send photos to a Group

  1. Harold G says:

    About uploading photos to a group. I was about to try it today, had never had problems in uploading photos to yahoo photos before. Then they “improved” it, took time to get used to it but always liked it 100 % better before, have over 100 albums in Yahoo.
    today for an unknown reason an upload of 7 photos using Firefox failed, even a single photo. Went to Internet Explorer & downloaded a new tool they said to do.
    Tried & failed again, quit trying. Seems the saying is always right, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

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