Glossy MacBook screen seems to be the same as my Dell 700m

There’s been some concern in the blogosphere today about the new “glossy” screen on the MacBook (and now available as an option on the MacBook Pro).

I’d have to do some hands on checking, but I’m guessing that the MacBook screen is pretty similar (if not exactly the same as) to the 13.3″, 1200×800 pixel, “glossy” LCD screen on my Dell Inspiron 700m laptop.

If that’s the case, I’d say the glossy worriers have nothing to worry about. I love the screen on my 700m. It is extra reflective, but the colors on it are awesome. If you use it outside in sunshine, or in some other environment with lots of strong light, then yeah, there will be some glare, but in my use of the 700m, I’ve never had an instance where the screen was unusable.