Google Notebook

Google Notebook, originally uploaded by JoshB.

It seems that Google Notebook launched this morning. This is a shot from the brief moment I spent playing with it.

I was kind of surprised to see that it installed a Firefox extension, but that adds a lot of functionality (right click context menus for adding a note, a little popup view of the notebook that you can drag text and images to, etc.).

You can make a notebook public, so others can view it. You can see my Test Public Notebook here.

No RSS or Atom feeds that I could find, or that Bloglines/Firefox could autodetect. It looks like it could be used as an alternate type of blogging tool, but the lack of feeds will hinder that.

All in all, a pretty cool addition, and one more thing that I can do across any computer via the web, instead of relying on client applications and local files. I’m all for that. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Google Notebook

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  2. Yeah, has a lot more features, but I see it as a slightly different product – not a direct competitor. Google has Google Bookmarks for that, and is the definite winner.

    I see using Google Notebook as an online cross platform version of Microsoft OneNote, and there’s not really anything else out there that does that.

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