Lost my Bluetooth headset, shopping for a new one

I’ve lost my Plantronics 320 Bluetooth headset, for the final time. I’ve misplaced it before, but it’s always turned up. Heck, I even dropped in in the toilet, and it kept on kicking. But it’s gone for sure this time. How do I know? I was able to narrow down the time/place that it could have fallen off of my shirt, and it was while I was loading my bag and stuff in the back of the car, when my wife picked me up from work on Friday,  in front of Jones Farm 3. It’s probably been run over by cars and the shuttle bus a few dozen times already.

I was actually kind of waiting for it to kick the bucket, so I could buy a new one. I wasn’t very happy with the ear clip design, which was too uncomfortable to just leave in my ear, and the reception sucked unless I had line of sight between my phone and the headset. Which means I had to hold my phone in my hand when I was talking with the headset, defeating the purpose almost entirely.

So I’m in the market for a new headset. I want something along the lines of the behind the ear design of the Jabra BT250. That was my first and favorite Bluetooth headset. Comfortable and discreet enough to wear all the time, great reception, so I could leave my phone in the holster. I’d just pick up another BT250, but the first one I had started to fall apart after a while (buttons came off, etc.), and I’m always looking for something new.

I looked at the successor to the BT250, the BT500 from Jabra, but the design is not as attractive, I think, and the reviews I read said it got worse than average reception. Not encouraging. And no links to the Jabra website, because the Flash animations play music with no immediately obvious way to shut them up, which irritates the heck out of me.

So, after a bit of browsing around, I’m thinking of the Plantronics Voyager 510. Amazon’s got it for $47, less than half of the $99 MSRP, and about what I’m willing to pay for a headset. It s the basic behind the ear design that I want, and it gets good reviews. It has a cool-sounding feature called MultiPoint that lets it pair to two devices at once – say, a cell phone and a Mac. Not sure how it decides how to route the calls, but it sounds good on paper.

Not sure if I’m going to pull the trigger on the Plantronics just yet. Any other ideas or recommendations? Anything I should definitely check out? Anything I should avoid at all costs?


4 thoughts on “Lost my Bluetooth headset, shopping for a new one

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  2. Mads says:

    I have the Jabra JX10 – petite and incredibly well designed. Gets rave reviews all over the place. Even the bad guys from 24 have them! 😉

    By the way – I work for the company that designed I’ll forward your complaint to the appropriate people.

  3. I actually have the Voyager 510. I just got a Prius and it has bluetooth built-in so I haven’t carried the headset with me as much lately, though. When I do use it now it’s with my computer. It is very nice for pairing with your computer for Skype, etc. It worked almost “instantly” when setting it up on my PowerBook.

    It’s the only BT headset I’ve owned, but I would have to say that it’s light and works well.

  4. Typically I go for what is the coolest looking item out there, but with BT headsets I made sure to read all the reviews and carefully make my selection. I have the Playtronics 510 and think it is the best ear piece I have ever used.

    I love how it fits in your hear instead of flopping around with a speaker like most of the motorola ones. This is certainly my choice for headset. I use it with Skype and my cell phones all the time.

    Your best bet is this model, and at that price…wow.

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