Mobile version of Google RSS Reader

Steve Rubel points out that Google has made a mobile version of their RSS Reader available.

I’ll have to check it out, because one of the big things that keeps me using Bloglines is the mobile version, and the fact that it stays in perfect sync with the desktop/web version.

I really didn’t like the full web version of Google Reader when I tried it, and I’d have to use it as my main reader to take full advantage of the mobile version, so I doubt I’ll be switching, but I’ll check it out.

It’s good to see more attention being paid to mobile versions of web apps – Google is doing a great job here, with search and Gmail working perfectly in their tiny mobile incarnations.


3 thoughts on “Mobile version of Google RSS Reader

  1. jason says:

    I’ve been completely let down with google reader. as a google fanboy, I’ve quickly adopted gmail,, google calendar and so forth – but I want a two paned rss reader similar to bloglines where I can seperate articles by the feeds they belong to.

  2. Right on — the mobile version of Bloglines is amazing — it keeps me entertained when I only have web access via my cellphone!

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