Totally non tech related, and kind of gross (no pictures, though). You’ve been warned. πŸ™‚

I went to my doctor yesterday because I had this bump thingy on my right ring finger. It’s been there for months, but only recently started getting much bigger, bleeding,  etc. I was pretty sure it was a wart or something, but it was time to get it looked at.

Got to the doctor, pulled off the homemade bandage I had on it (which made it start bleeding all over the place), and the doctor decided it wasn’t a wart (likely a benign granuloma – regenerative tissue around a splinter or something that just wasn’t stopping like it should), and he wanted to cut it off. Yay.

I’m not exactly proud to admit it, but I get faint when I’m in a lot of pain and/or see a lot of my own blood. This qualified as both. The doctor laid me down on the table, so I didn’t pass out and fall off. and proceeded to inject anesthetic in several spots around the tender area. Yee-owch! That was definitely the most painful part. After that, I couldn’t feel much more than a dull ache as he sawed the little protuberance off, then cauterized it with the little electric zapper (worst. smell. ever.). It was very painful for a few hours after the anesthetic wore off, but a couple ibuprofen took care of that, and it feels fine today.

It’s all wrapped up now, and I have to go back in a couple of days to see what it was, and get it checked, but I just thought I’d share. Oh, and the bandage I have on my finger now makes typing take twice as long as normal (and causes typos every other word that I have to go back and fix), so if blogging is a little light the next few days, now you know why. πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Josh, you should totally use this as an excuse to buy something new and shiny and electronic, in order to make yourself feel better.

  2. Nathan, don’t think I haven’t thought of that. I’ve got my wife out looking for a store that’s selling the DS Lite early. And I’m thiiiis close to getting a Motorola Q.

    Navdeep, I considered taking pictures. I still might. But then I thought “I still want people to come read my blog after this”, so I may not share them. Maybe if I can get my doctor to implant an RFID tag, or a Bluetooth (Bluefinger?) chip, or something. πŸ˜‰

  3. I wish they would do a nice early release her in the UK. I mean it could compensate for the $185 price tag.

    Now all I have to decide whether to take my PSP or DS Lite to Hong Kong (geek heaven) this summer. Or just take both.

    Which reminds me of last sumer when I went to the US, I emailed and you talked about traveling with gadgets on the podcast, which I *desperately* wait the return off πŸ˜€

  4. At the risk of boring everyone (they are, after all, your readers and not mine :-)) I’ll tell a similar story. I’m rather tall (6’5″) and reached this lofty height when I was a teenager. On one particular day as a teenager I was horsing around, and had the misfortune of jumping up in the air while simultaneously traveling between our kitchen and dining room, thereby smashing my skull rather forcefully against the top of the door jam. I ended up flat on the floor, clutching my head as blood streamed. I recall my sister (who had witnessed my clever maneuver) pointing and laughing as the pool grew larger.

    Nobody else was home, so I had to drive myself to the hospital, clutching a rag to my head to try to stop the bleeding. (Ever cut your scalp? They bleed. A lot. And they don’t stop very quickly).

    As I entered the emergency room, I must have been quite a sight: two women started screaming. They quickly got me into a wheel chair, and then onto an examination table. I explained to the attending physician what had happened (a gentlemen that my memory now tells me was 3′ 5″ tall, but was probably more like 5′ 6″ or so) and he laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

    13 stitches. Having anaesthesia shot into your fingers isn’t good (I’ve had that done too) but novacaine in the scalp is REALLY not fun. Ouch! Of course, they had to shave my head so they could stitch it up, with the net result that I was truly monstrous looking for a month. Of course, a couple of days later a friend introduced me to his very, very cute female friend. I recall thinking: “great, here I am with stitches in my shaved head, I might as well have big clomping boots and bolts sticking out of my neck”. I asked her to call me. She didn’t.

    Draw whatever lessons you can from this.

  5. Ha, some excellent tales of adversity being shared here. I one thought I was a Power Rnager and spun around and around and around next to a 80 year old bookcase, in which the edges were finished in gold (grandma likes her stuff to be shiny).

    Of course, I spun into the metal and was 3/4 away from blinding myself, but leaving a small scar, which luckily my eyebrow covers. A hairdresser also cut my ear, and I got my knee stuck in a wooden fence whilst in Animal Kingdom when I was 10.

    And great to see that podcasts is coming back Josh. TinyScreenfuls was the first podcasts I subscribed too, and thus, holds that special place in Nathan’s heart πŸ™‚

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