Palmsolo reviews the Motorola Q

Blog buddy Matt “palmsolo” Miller has a great review of the much anticipated Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone over at He used a preproducton version for a couple of months (and wrote the nice Reviewers’ Guide that comes with review units they’re sending out), so he’s pretty much the expert on this device right now, until it becomes officially available in a few days, and the rest of us can get our hands on it.

I’m seriously considering switching to this device from my Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone. It’s got the same screen resolution (though landscape vs portrait), high speed EVDO wireless data, and the ability to do 95% of what I do with my i730 (email, surfing, PIM stuff, etc.). The remaining 5% reflects a couple of apps I use all the time (like eReader for ebooks), that SHOULD work on the Smartphone version of Windows Mobile 5 (since it allows you to install Pocket PC apps on the Smartphone), but since the Q doesn’t have a touchscreen, I need to test those apps out, and see how well they work. I’d also have to break down and buy a MiniSD card, since there’s no full size SD card slot.

The real answer will come in how much Verizon wants to charge me for the phone. They’re offering it for $199 after instant rebates and a two year contract to new users, but they’re famous for charging astronomical amounts to existing subscribers who want to upgrade to a new phone. I’ll have to drop by a Verizon store later this week and see…


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  1. Review of the Q

    I recieved my Q on June 1. I had been following the Q’s developement since it was first announced. With Verizon You have a, no questions asked, 15 day return policy. I returned my Q on June 15! The Q was part of a corporate evaluation program for quickly transfering information to our sales staff. The verizon network all but virtually eliminates the need WiFi. The network is very fast for what it is. I do not live in an area serviced by thier EV Networt. The phone locked up sevveral times. Both times I was out of the fffice and needed the phone an email. There is no soft reset on the Q. I spent over two hours connected to Verizon’s Technical Support line trying to get the phone working. Part of the problem, as I was told, is the fact that I had opened too many attachments to my emails. I wqanted to save the attachments to the two gig card that I had installed but I could not access the card to save the attachments.
    The voice recognition was the worst that I have ever used. When we bought the Q we knew It would be a lightweight because of the software offered. There is not a lot of software qvaqilable yet. Motorola thinks the Q is a blackberry and Trio 700 killer, but they are mistaken. I loved the Q–fix some of the issues and let me know and I will revisit our decision.

    Philip W. Barkey

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