PlayStation 3 is going to cost how much?!

$499 with a 20GB hard drive, and $599 with a 60GB hard drive. Yee-owch! :-O

EDIT: It appears that the cheaper version will also lack HDMI support, wireless networking, and a MemoryStick/SD/CF slot. That means that the cheap version won’t be able to play BluRay movies at full resolution – a touted feature used to justify the high price, in comparison with $1000 BluRay players.

I wasn’t really interested in the PS3 to begin with, but I’ll definitely not be lining up to get one at those prices. I wonder how this will impact sales – so many people in their target audience won’t be able to afford that…

If you didn’t know, E3, the gaming industry’s big annual media event, kicked off today. Head over to Joystiq or Kotaku for all the nitty gritty details.


One thought on “PlayStation 3 is going to cost how much?!

  1. I think those prices are perfectly reasonable considering you’re getting a built-in Blu-Ray player (that currently retails for a $1,000+). I was quite happy that they were so low. It will alienate a number of individuals, but high prices hasn’t stopped the Xbox 360 from selling a million plus. Considering it’s launching close to XMAS, I’m pretty sure kids will start requesting it now, giving parents enough time to put some money away.

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