10 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Blog-master says:


    I’d say it’s a fat guy laying on his ass who needs to go on a diet…

  2. Nathan says:

    “I’d say it’s a fat guy laying on his ass who needs to go on a diet…”

    Hey buddy, that’s what makes a geek a geek. Power to Josh, and power to the geeks 🙂

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  4. Brandon says:

    I seriously missed somthin here, when is it okay to insult people? im confused, josh, r u being sarcastic and not sarcastic at the same time??? This is too confusing. Which way is up, which way is down? seems here that nobody knows that answer 😮

  5. It’s all good. I probably shouldn’t have responded at all – that’s exactly what a troll wants, right? To push my buttons? Call it a weakness I have, that I must struggle not to respond to trolls.

  6. Dennis says:

    I disagree. While he might certainly be a troll, his point does have some validity.

    I too do agree that you should be on a diet (that makes 3 people now)

    I would also distinguish between insulting a person and critisizing with a good intention, while this might not be the case here, i am 100% behind giving positive critisizm, because if nobody ever did this for me, i would never grow and better myself.

    Remember – losing weight is 90% about diet, 10% exercising.

    Good luck

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