Shared my OPML – I’m the 11th Most Prolific Subscriber!

Dave Winer’s new project, Share Your OPML, is a place for you to upload and share the list of RSS feeds that you’re subscribed to. It then gleans all kinds of interesting social information from the people who have shared their OPML subscription lists – the Top 100 Feeds, Who Subscribes To…, Most Prolific Subscribers, Subscriptions Like Mine, etc.

All the cool geek kids are doing it, so I had to as well. I’m just stoked that I showed up at Number 11 on the Most Prolific Subscribers list with my 817 feeds. w00t! 🙂 I had over 1400 subscribed feeds last year, but I did a major pruning, because it was getting too unwieldy to keep up with that many feeds. I’m doing pretty well with the 800 or so feeds I have now – I get completely caught up (everything read) several times a week.

I use the online aggregator Bloglines, so you can always see a real-time snapshot of feeds I’m subscribed to here (link is also available in the sidebar under Blogroll). I keep my feeds organized by “folders”, so I can group related feeds together, and read all the feeds on the same topic at one time (Gaming, Mobility, etc.). I also keep a “Short List” of feeds that I don’t want to miss, so if I only have a few minutes to read, or I’m reading from a mobile device, I can start with the stuff and people that I know I’m mostly likely to be interested in. One of these days I’ll do a screencast or something about how I use Bloglines. Might be interesting.


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