SkypeOut calling now free to US and Canada

Skype just keeps delivering the hits. Now, you can make free SkypeOut calls (from Skype on your computer to any landline or cell phone) to the U.S. and Canada for free (at least until the end of this year). See here for the details.

SkypeOut was a very useful tool before, and very affordable. Calls ended up costing something like 1.7 cents a minute in the U.S., and calls to toll free numbers were already free. Now, everything in the U.S. and Canada is free. Sweet. 🙂

I’ve been using SkypeOut more and more for work-related stuff – so many of my meetings take place on the phone, since Intel people are scattered around the world. I didn’t mind paying the cheap rates, but now that it’s free, it’s going to be even easier to evangelize Skype to my friends and coworkers.


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