The MacBook has landed

In a move that surprised no one, Apple finally officially launched the replacement to their iBook today – the MacBook:


Core Duo, iSight, Front Row with remote, and all the goodies that you’d expect. The screen is a 13.3″ widescreen 1200×800 unit, and it’s thinner than the old iBook. Available in white or black, which is awesome. A black MacBook would perfectly match all of the other black gadgets I have (iPod, PSP, X41 Tablet, Dell 2005FPW LCD, etc.). Starting price is $1099 for a 1.83 GHz system with 512 MB RAM.

Will I be getting one? We’ll see. They’re definitely nice systems, and easy to recommend, but I think if I end up with an Apple laptop, I’d want it to be the MacBook Pro, mainly for it’s more powerful 3D graphics capabilities (I’m starting to dabble more and more in Second Life, and the integrated graphics on my Mac mini and X41 Tablet just aren’t cutting it – the same graphics chipset on these new MacBooks).

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The MacBook has landed

  1. Nathan says:

    Copied from my Flickr post…

    First off, I’m shocked at the speed of it. I expected a much slower machine. Bravo on that Steve, bravo on that. And from here, I have beef with too many things for me to love it…

    -Keyboard. The keyboard on my MacBook Pro, and previous PowerBook’s and iBook’s was awesome and the new one on the MacBook looks awful.

    -Screen. Take your iPod outside (5G or nano) or hold under bright light, and just look at the glare. This is what I fear with the new “Glossy Screen”.

    -Black. It’s just wrong. I know that Apple black will be the best black, but from the unpacking shots i’ve seen so far, it just looks wrong.

    -Graphics. I could complain forever, but I’ll let you decide after hearing the word “integrated”.

  2. I’m looking to upgrade my PC laptop with a Mac, so this was perfect timing. I’ll have to check it out in person though….the keyboard looks a little funky.

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