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Website Graph –, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Site map of, as rendered by

A little simpler than I thought it would be – much less complicated than (on WordPress).

You need to check out the animation of this tool as it maps out a site – it’s very cool. 🙂


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  3. Here’s yet another story (in BusinessWeek no less) about how AMD is kicking the hell out of Intel.

    And notice the just wonderful quote from Eric Kim about putting genies back in the bottle.

    What the heck does that mean? What is he trying to say? If I was him I’d be talking about unleashing an assault to win back market share, not about genies. Give me a break….

    If Intel doesn’t get its act together QUICKLY, AMD is going to be at 30% market share and perhaps even 40% by the end of next year.

    Throwing marketing dollars at this problem isn’t the solution. THe issue is many years of OEM anger at Intel’s arrogance.

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