Gnomedex Day 1 Sessions Over

The sessions for the day are over. I’ve taken and posted tons of photos, and have a bunch more. I’m going to drop by my hotel and rest for a bit, drop off my stuff, and then get on the bus to the party tonight at the Museum of Flight. I’ll try to do one more photo and blog dump tonight before I go to bed (though Marc Canter just hollered and announced an afterparty at the Marriott on the floor below me, in room 404, so they may keep me up ;-)).


Chris tears up over VistaTorrent C&D letter

Chris Pirillo and Jake Luddington received a “Cease and Desist” notice from Microsoft for their site – distributing the huge ISO image for Windows Vista Beta 2 via BitTorrent. Chris had complained that he never received an actual physical letter.

Well, some Microsoft folks came up and (good naturedly) presented Chris and Jake with their first C&D letter. It was an emotional moment. πŸ™‚

More pics here and here.


Confirmed: Scoble banned from Second Life for letting his 12 year old son play

EDIT: Robert confirms the rumor, and gives us some more background on the issue.

EDIT 2: Looks like the story made TechMeme:
I made TechMeme - Scoble and Second Life

This just in: a little bird told me that Robert Scoble is getting a talking to from some Linden Labs folks who are here at Gnomedex for violating their policies, and letting his 12 year old son Patrick use his Second Life account. Second Life is supposed to be 18 and over (there’s a separate “Teen Second Life” without the explicit content).

Patrick was on the stage at Gnomedex during the lunchtime podcast, projected on the screen, and working on building some things in Second Life while the podcast was going on.

Apparently, he’s been booted/banned for this violation. He’s talked about this before, and it’s not really a huge deal, in my opinion – it’s Robert’s decision as a parent whether to let his son into Second Life.

Linden is completely in the right here, too, I think – they have to enforce their policies, especially when they’re being violated very publicy (as in, a live stream from Gnomedex, recorded for the podcast, and people like me taking pictures and blogging everything :-)).

Blatantly spreading rumors here, but hey, this is Scoble we’re talking about. πŸ˜‰

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Robert Scoble lunchtime Gnomedex podcast

Robert Scoble did a lunchtime podcast with a panel of Eric Rice, Dave Winer, Matt Mullenweg, “the identity lady”, and Mike Arrington.

In the background on the screen, Patrick is in Second Life, customizing his room in Eric Rice’s condo tower. Very cool and fascinating stuff.


Senator John Edwards and a cringing Chris Pirillo

I love Chris’s expression in this shot. He pled with us to behave ourselves during John Edwards’ session, and we did a pretty good job, contrary to what we see in this photo. πŸ™‚


Gnomedex – Senator John Edwards

John Edwards is here. Gave about 5 minutes of intro, saying that he’s here to learn, and have a conversation with us. Here are some notes:

  • Dave McClure suggested Edwards read “Wisdom of Crowds”
  • Marc Canter is a “3rd Generation Red Diaper Baby”. He’s looking for “some balls” in supporting Net Neutrality, instead of just voting the party line. Marc is in rare form, as only Marc can be. πŸ™‚
  • (Unknown) – When people speak in a human voice, other humans recognize it (Cluetrain). Can Edwards detect in his own voice when he slips into non-human politician speak? Edwards says that politicians are conditions to be plastic and perfect all the time, and that to be human requires shedding that, which is hard. Edwards says he can tell when he “slips into politicospeak”.
  • Shannon Clark – If the democrats want to be successful, they have to focus at the local level. How does Edwards focus on communities, that aren’t necessarily geographically related? Edwards pitches his online community efforts. Shannon wonders how we’re going to deal with districting and representation when people are increasingly “bedouin”, and not geographically tied together.
  • Andrew Cox (in the Cove) – How involved does Edwards think the gov’t should be involved in monitoring the internet, and what’s his opinion on taxing providers like Google? Edwards thinks we should be careful. No spying, but then there are child predators, etc.
  • Alex Williams – Alex sees a “war of language” – the connotation of the word “terrorism”, “PATRIOT Act” etc. How would Edwards “protect” us against this? Edwards sees his job as deciding the right thing to do, and leaving the “language fight” to others.
  • Buzz asked about how Edwards will get over being known as a trial lawyer. Edwards is proud of having been a trial lawyer. Chris injects a plea to get back to the “geek issues”, where we can educate and influence Edwards.
  • Halley Suitt – weblogs were big in the last election. What’s going to be the next technology that makes a difference? Text Messaging? Edwards cites his blogging, podcasting, and video efforts, and how it engages him in conversations. Edwards asks “how to you empower people to generate ideas for improving government?”
  • Brian from – Rant on abuse of power in monitoring Americans’ calls, financial transactions, in the name of fighting terrorism.
  • (Unknown) – Was the first to take a camera onto Air Force One for a web publication. Encourages Edwards to involve the bloggers and geeks – Edwards asks how? Give a seat on his bus to some bloggers to tag along, and comment on it.
  • Ryan (?) – What challenges does Edwards face educating people about the important issues? Edwards says “top down kills engagement”. It was suggested to take a “reality TV” approach – call Simon Cowell. πŸ˜‰
  • Phil Torrone – Voting machines should give us a paper record when we vote, and the source code of voting machines needs to be available. If an ATM can do a secure transaction with a paper reciept, why can’t voting machines?
  • JD Lasica – Poverty – Tech conferences are about distributed intelligence. Can we get some kind of ongoing forum to discuss these issues? Edwards very supportive of that idea. What about a wiki?
  • Steve Gillmor – How could Edwards approach the tech problems in a similar vein as being an “attack dog” trial lawyer? Edwards talks about being persuasive, and the ability to talk to people and make them understand your point.
  • (Unknown) – There is already a structure to get around “top down” – it’s called local government.

Interesting session. I’m not into politics much at all, but Edwards was a friendly and interesting presenter. Expect lots of discussion in the blogosphere about this one, but this will probably be the last you hear of it from me.

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