2 Bluetooth EVDO phones as modems, no waiting

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but today I finally broke down and got everything set up to use both my Verizon Samsung i730 and my Sprint Ambassador program SCH-A920 phones as EVDO modems over Bluetooth.

There’s a hack to enable the Bluetooth DUN profile/service on the i730, since Verizon disables this functionality on every phone it sells. Sprint, on the other hand, not only enables Bluetooth DUN, but provides instructions in the manual for how to set it up, and even has a nice little software wizard you can download to configure everything automagically.

So now, I have two devices on my person at any given time that can act as Bluetooth EVDO modems. No more being at the mercy of WiFi availability at the airport or wherever.

Hmm. I wonder if I can link the two phones together in a “shotgun” configuration (Remember the old Supra 28.8 modems that did that?) for twice the bandwidth and speed? 😉


One thought on “2 Bluetooth EVDO phones as modems, no waiting

  1. Sure you can. You could set up round-robin outbound load balancing. It won’t increase the speed of a single download, but if you have two downloads going, you could potentially have them spread over both (depending on how well the round-robin works ofcourse).

    I’m not familiar how to do this on windows, but on Linux and FreeBSD it’s fairly easy.


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