Amazon misses the video podcasting boat – Amazon Fishbowl

Heard on NPR this morning that Amazon has launched a weekly TV show, starring Bill Maher, and delivered solely via the Internet: Amazon Fishbowl (

I didn’t hear anything about making the show available via RSS as a video podcast in the NPR story, and a quick stroll around the site shows this to be true. Why, Amazon? Why?!

Seems like a huge missed opportunity, and it would have been a great way to introduce people to video podcasting. “Amazon has this really funny show with Bill Maher. What channel? Oh, it’s a video podcast. You just subscribe to it like this…”

Oh, well. At least they still have an audio podcast (that I’ve never actually listened to – is it any good?). And we still have Rocketboom as our great example for getting people interested in video podcast content. And Strong Bad. And Ask a Ninja.

Hmm. Maybe we don’t need Amazon and Bill Maher after all! 😉


2 thoughts on “Amazon misses the video podcasting boat – Amazon Fishbowl

  1. Andreas Wacker says:

    I was wondering about the very same thing.
    Amazon Fishbowl would be the ideal video podcast.
    How can Amazon miss a feature that does take less than 2 hours
    to implement and would lift their great content into visibility.

    They probably just think they own us, our eyeball and shopping carts.

    Little they know.

  2. I agree. It’s too bad, because I like Bill Maher so much, I’d be willing to sit through what’s basically an Amazon commercial.

    Serialized internet episodes simply have to be podcasts now that the technology is there.

    They could at least have an audio podcast of the show like HBO does with Real Time (which is excellent for people who don’t subscribe to HBO).

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