Finished New Super Mario Bros.

Finished New Super Mario Bros., originally uploaded by JoshB.

I had to commemorate the first time I beat New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS with a photo. In the background, you can see a secret code revealed:

“Select a file + L + R + A = (Luigi)” 🙂


3 thoughts on “Finished New Super Mario Bros.

  1. Ohh, how’d you like it? The DS Lite comes out in the UK on Friday, and then I’m forced to wait another week until June 30th when New Super Mario Bros. is released before I can play *too excited*

  2. I loved it. It’s definitely a must-have for the DS. 100% pure classic 2D Mario action, with awesome graphics, and lots of cool new touches thrown in.

  3. Oh now your just making me jealous. Since I don’t have a DS right now, I have no DS games for when I get my DS Lite. So I guess I’ll be buying Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing, and pretending not to buy Nintendogs 🙂

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