Gnomedex 6 Badge and AMD Lanyard

Gnomedex 6 Badge and AMD Lanyard, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Waiting in the conference room for things to get underway. I’m in the front row again, in the center, about 10 feet away from the podium. Sweet. 🙂

There are already bandwidth issues. People are complaining about how slow it is, if they can even get on. Chris says the Bell Harbor folks are working on it, but we’ll see. I’m on EVDO, as are many people around me. It’s amazing how popular this technology has become – no one had it last year, and a year later, it’s pretty much the de facto way to get online for mobile geeks.

Here’s the obligatory shot of my Gnomedex badge and the lovely AMD lanyard that it came with (d’oh!). I feel kind of weird, being an Intel guy walking around with AMD logos around my neck, but them’s the breaks.

Maybe next year Intel will be able to be a sponsor Gnomedex 7, and perhaps have a nice little blue logo on the lanyard in stead. 😉


2 thoughts on “Gnomedex 6 Badge and AMD Lanyard

  1. MikeM says:

    Bring those lanyards and any other AMD swag back to my cube, I’ll help you raise the sound level on Intel getting involved in the right activities.

  2. So, do I use EVDO to connect to the internet via my Treo650? I know I can use my Treo to connect my laptop to the internet but I though it would be way to slow so I haven’t tried it.

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