Gnomedex Day 0

I’m on the train to Seattle for Gnomedex. It starts with a reception tonight, and sessions kick off tomorrow morning.

The train (Amtrak Cascades) is a great way to go from Portland to Seattle. Doesn’t take much longer than driving, the ride is comfortable and soothing, and the view is spectacular.

On my way back from the café car, I ran into Russel Shaw of, on his way to Gnomedex, too. he was fiddling with the EVDO on his laptop (I’m posting this via EVDO on my Windows Mobile phone). So many bloggers in one spot overwhelmed the bandwidth at the Bell Harbor Conference Center last year, so we were encouraged to bring our own connectivity (like EVDO) if possible. I’ve got this phone and my Sprint Ambassador A920, both of which can connect over USB or Bluetooth, so I should be set.

Drop me an email or text message (503-810-5365) if you’re going to Gnomedex, and want to say hi. I’d love to meet up with you. 🙂