Gnomedex – Mike Arrington on stage

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is on stage right now, and leading a lively discussion. Basically talking about the future of little “Web 2.0” companies like Digg, etc., and whether or not more of them are going to hit it big and be successful. Some quick notes:

  • Digg gets 9 million unique visitors a month, and is “kicking the crap” out of the New York Times in terms of audience and attention.
  • (from the audience) “Geeks should not name things. Net Neutrality should be called Net Discrimination, to get a “FUD” word in there, and draw attention.”

I’m sitting front and center, and across the aisle from me is Scott Beale of LaughingSquid, geek conference photographer at large, snapping away with his big, nice Canon 5D (I think) digital SLR.

Speaking of cameras, I’ve uploaded a bunch more photos to my Flickr stream – check them out. (EDIT: Nevermind. I switched to EVDO via Bluetooth on my Sprint phone, and I’m having trouble getting uploads to Flickr to work. I’ll keep trying, but more photos to come later.)
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