Gnomedex Night 0

The opening reception tonight was a blast. I saw all sorts of geek friends, and met lots of new and interesting people. It’s funny how many Portland folks are here – Johnny Hartman, Alex Williams, Paul Colligan, Greg Hughes, etc. We all laughed about how we all live in the same town, and yet only see each other at conferences like Gnomedex. We’re going to start a monthly Portland Geek Dinner or something, just to get away from the computer and hang out more often.

I’m headed to bed – the schedule starts bright and early tomorrow. I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures to my Flickr stream, all under the “gnomedex” tag, so don’t miss those. Even better, you could subscribe to the RSS feed for my Flickr photos, and get them automatically. I’m really in love with my new camera, the Canon SD700. Still getting a feel for how to best use the features (high ISO and Image Stabilization) to take fewer blurry shots, but the ones I’ve take so far are wonderful, to me. I’ve taken some video, too, which is pretty good. The audio is only recorded at 8KHz sample rate, and the built-in mic isn’t the greatest, but it’s workable. I might try to shoot all the video I do this weekend on the SD700, instead of my Sony camcorder.

More blogging and geekery to come tomorrow. Good night! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gnomedex Night 0

  1. Maybe while your fraternizing with your fellow geeks, you could request that somebody devise a resolution to the pervasive problem of vista 64 beta users not being able to find a driver for their multimedia audio processors that are manufactured by Realtek. This is a social problem of epic proportions, and it is causing consternation among countless members of the multitudes in America and abroad.

    This issue must be addressed by the most capable minds available to humanity. We are currently wasting vast resources preparing for the bird flu while I cannot even enjoy the audio on my computer. I could personally care less if a chicken suffers from a bout with the flu for a couple of days, since all they do is sit around and lay eggs, anyway, which is pretty much equivalent to bed rest with which to begin.

    This is more than an elegant plea for assistance. It is manifesto articulating a sentiment that resonates among the populace of vista 64 beta 2 users, who have Realtek hardware. We demand better driver conditions!

  2. The SD700 looks fantastic – I’m sure you’ll keep loving it. I’ve got the Ixus 700, which was the SD 550 over there.

    If the metering on the SD700 is anything like the 550 (and most other Canons, I think), you might find you get better results by just setting the exposure compensation to -1/3 all the time. Once set in the menu, it stays there unless you chance it back, so it’s just a few seconds to do it once, and you rarely need to touch it again. Makes for less chance of blowing out the highlights and white bits.

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