Gnomedex – The deep breath before the plunge

I’m checked into my hotel room now (at the Mariott, across the street from Bell Harbor Conference Center)., and waiting until it’s time to head over to the opening night reception for Gnomedex. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long (especially because last year’s Gnomedex was the greatest geek expereience of my life), it’s like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. 🙂

No free WiFi in my hotel (boo!), but I came prepared. I’m hooked up to my Sprint A920 EVDO phone, and online just fine.

Expect a LOT of blog updates in the coming days. Practically everyone liveblogs Gnomedex. Check out the schedule to see who the session leaders are going to be – a very impressive list, for sure. I’ll also be taking lots of pictures with my new camera, so keep an eye on my Flickr photostream, too.

Also, those of you who subscribe to my feed know that I have started using again, and I have Feedburner inserting a post once a day into my feed with the things I’ve bookmarked on I haven’t got that showing up on the site yet, so if you read TinyScreenfuls in a browser, you might consider subscribing to the feed.