Google Broken? Not down, but broken?

Google Broken?, originally uploaded by JoshB.

I was just doing some research for a presentation tomorrow, and Googled “harvard podcasts”. I know there are results for that, because a) it’s obvious, and b) I was looking at them earlier today.

But I got no results.

I tried a couple of other searches, like my own name, that I know have results, and got the same thing. I double-checked my spelling.

I’ve had Google be unavailable before, or return an error message, but I’ve never seen it just break like this. Yikes.

Here is the exact search URL I was using (the search started from the Google Toolbar for Firefox):

Is anyone else seeing this? Does it work for you when you click that link?

I’m starting to wonder if this is a sign of the apocalypse or something… 😉

EDIT: Well, it’s working again now. The sky is not falling. Go back to your homes – nothing to see here.


3 thoughts on “Google Broken? Not down, but broken?

  1. Yep, I am seeing the same thing. If I switch browsers it seems to work. Do you have toolbar installed? I’m thinking it’s some kind of cookie issue.

  2. Ken Geis says:

    I’m noticing the same (even though you say it’s working now!) I’m wondering if it will hit the news.

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