Google launches Picasa Web Albums

Just noticed over on the Official Google Blog an announcement for the (predicted) Picasa Web Albums.

None of the TechCrunches of the world have picked up on this yet – maybe I have a sort of scoop? Yay me! πŸ™‚

Now, Google, give me a Mac version of Picasa (I just never warmed to iPhoto), and I’ll be even happier!

At least you can manually upload photos if you don’t have Picasa (screenshot taken in Firefox on a Mac). Looks like a maximum of 250 megabytes of storage, and a limit of 500 photos per album.


12 thoughts on “Google launches Picasa Web Albums

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  3. Josh, I swear you must have a web genie that follows you around giving you invites … still waiting for mine too. As a huge and dependant fan of Picassa this might be perfect. Right now I am having to email flickr, which works ok up to about 11 photos, then bails. I hope this is a great product.

  4. I guess I got lucky on invitations – I just went and signed up as soon as I saw it was available last night, and it let me right it. I checked Digg shortly thereafter, and there were only 25 Diggs at the time. it quickly got hundreds more and appeared on the front page.

    Maybe that’s the new way to date things on the internet – by how many Diggs there were at the time. πŸ™‚

    If I can figure out a way to send an invite to you guys, I will.

  5. Thanks for the tip. I just sent in my request.
    I am way behind on my feeds. I try to keep up with them via my TREO and multiple computers but life keeps getting in the way.
    If I get my reponse before Theo he may be a bit upset….. πŸ™‚

  6. I got my invite last night (UK time & thanks for the tip off Josh!) and found it really easy to use. The new version of picasa is also pretty nice (although remaking all the thumbnails took quite a while πŸ˜‰

    I wonder how long it will be before you’ll be able to have ‘contacts’ and search others albums, ‘flickr style’? I think this could be a big battle, but catching flickr could be a big job!

  7. Jeffrey says:

    I’ve received an invitation and already uploaded close to 500 photos already. It’s very quick and easy to use and the slide shows look very nice – better than any online photo site I’ve used.

    There’s one problem that I want them to correct. It looks like there’s a problem in posting photos to message boards and blogs, etc. There’s no direct url link provided and you have to do it from properties. On top of that you must do it from the magnified view. I put some photos on and some people were able to see it, some were not. Not sure of the issue, but it seems those using firefox could not see the pictures. IE users were able to, for the most part.
    All in all, I like the new web albums from Google. Special features are sparse at the moment (can’t order photobooks, no forums, etc).
    But for pure viewing pleasure, it really can’t be beat.
    Hopefully Picasa will grow in user-friendly features that online photo people want.
    Thank you.
    Brooklyn, NY

  8. Kirk says:

    how do i see others album? is there a place on the web put “THE LASTEST UPDATE ALBUM”

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