Great Woot tonight – Logitech Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for $29

I try to check in to Woot each night around 10 PM Pacfic time, to see what the day’s deal is (although I usually forget, and just catch up in their RSS feed, too late to get in on whatever good deal they had). Tonight is an awesome Woot – Logitech Bluetooth Stereo MP3 headphones (with adapter) for only $29.99:

The adapter lets you turn any device (like an iPod) with a headphone jack into a wireless Bluetooth device, and get rid of the annoying headphone cord around your neck. Or, if you’ve got a device that supports the A2DP stereo audio Bluetooth profile (like the Motorola Q), you can just pair it directly, and use the headphones wirelessly.

Amazon sells these headphones for $129.99, so you’re getting them for $100 off if you get in on the Woot before it sells out. So hurry if you’re interested! Woots usually sell out in a few hours. I got mine! 🙂

Expect a full review, Unboxing Ceremony, etc., when they arrive.


One thought on “Great Woot tonight – Logitech Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for $29

  1. Chuck says:

    darn it! I like these better than the Jensen BT headset I bought 2 weeks ago for the same amount. The Jensen’s are pretty bulky although they do have MIC for the cellphone. Good find.

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