Holmes Remote Control Fan

Holmes Remote Control Fan, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Picked up this fan for $29 at Bed Bath and Beyond. It has three speeds, and the front grill can be made to rotate, giving an oscillation function without moving the whole fan. There are also three “random breeze” functions, that change the fan speed, supposedly to simulate the natural breeze.

A great fan for my office, but I’m posting this because the maker in me sense that this could be used for all kinds of cool projects. The remote can control everything, a couple of motors (one for the fan, and one for the grill), and some kind of logic for the random breeze. What could you make of it? I don’t know – use your imagination. But a remote control fan/motor assembly like this for 30 bucks has got to inspire someone to do something cool. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Holmes Remote Control Fan

  1. Chuck says:

    Great tip! For one, I can see me using this inside my PC equipment cabinet to cool things off as needed.

  2. doanddon't says:

    First, good for you:) I manage a large building and one of my customers gave me the same fan. I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for your comments and I agree.

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