Intel not completely clueless, is sponsoring Vloggercon

Vloggercon, the video blogging conference this weekend, is one that I wish I could have attended. Imagine the cool stuff that’s going to result when you get all of those new media savvy video bloggers in one place? Imagine the cool ideas, and conversations!

Anyway, I’m posting because we’re having an internal email discussion about Intel missing the boat on sponsoring Gnomedex. Someone on the list (don’t know if he wants me to name him) pointed out that Intel’s “Viiv” brand is a “Petabyte” (top level) sponsor for Vloggercon.

So I guess we’re not completely clueless. Now, we just have to get the right people looking at the right conferences and communities to get involved in. It’s all about following the smart people. 😉

EDIT: Some more info. Intel is the exclusive top level sponsor of Vloggercon 2006, and is sponsoring the opening night party. We will also have an “open mike”, and hopefully will have some cool video to show after the conference. I’ll be sure to link to it.

Oh, and the core message that Intel wants to send to videobloggers by sponsoring this conference? “Intel is listening and believes in what you are doing.”

Great to hear – now lets go put that into action! 🙂


One thought on “Intel not completely clueless, is sponsoring Vloggercon

  1. mike says:

    Now, if only Viiv didn’t suck… oh well ^^

    Let’s use the open mike to ask people about what they think Viiv is (and how to pronounce it). That would be amusing.

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