Playing with Google Browser Sync

Playing with Google Browser Sync, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Google is releasing some awesome Firefox extensions these days. Today, it’s Google Browser Sync – an extension that lets you keep your bookmarks, cookies, passwords, and other stuff in sync between multiple instances of Firefox on different computers.

I’ve installed it on one of my systems at home, and it went through the process of creating my account, and uploading my data. You can choose what gets uploaded, and whether or not it gets encrypted (I choose everything for both).

Now, I’ll install it on some of the other systems I use, and see how it goes. I’ve been using an extension called Bookmarks Synchronizer 3 to accomplish this with my bookmarks, and just dealing with everything else manually (re-entering passwords, etc.).

You know what would be a killer feature, that I hope they add soon? The ability to synchronize your other Firefox extensions, too. All of us have a set of Firefox extensions that we use and depend on, and whenever we start a fresh install of Firefox, we have to track them down and install them. It would be fantastic if Google Browser Sync would handle extensions – then, on a new instance of Firefox, you could just install that one extension, and it would take care of the rest of them. It might be nice to have it grab your user.js preferences file, in case you’ve made customizations there (in Firefox options, manually, or via about:config).

Google also updated the Firefox toobar, but I haven’t checked that out yet.


7 thoughts on “Playing with Google Browser Sync

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  2. I’m not worried about Google having my information, but then, I’m a pretty open person (my cell phone number is posted on this blog, for example).

    I can see how this would be a concern. They do give you the option to encrypt all of your data (and cookies and passwords are encrypted by default), which should assuage most people.

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  4. Thanks for this post. I have been using bookmark synchronizer in the past. Hopefully this will be better. That one can bog down the computer when it synchs. I have chosen not to synch the windows and tabs since I view different stuff at home then at work.

  5. Manny says:

    Just switching over from bookmark synchronizer to google browser sync and I’m quite happy. I just wanted to pipe in and second the idea that being able to sync what extensions are installed across location would be a killer. I can’t count the times I go to use an extension and find its not installed. If someone does make an extension sync tool it would be nice if it allowed control of which extensions were sync’d.

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