Pocket PC Today plugin syncs with Google Calendar

My post on “Whoever Gets Google Calendar syncing with Outlook First, Wins” has been one of the most popular posts I’ve made this year, according to my logs. There have been a couple of solutions come out since then, but frankly, I haven’t had time to try them out yet.

But I just read about a new Pocket PC Today Screen plugin from SnoopSoft (creator of the ever-popular Dashboard) that syncs directly with Google Calendar via the web.


I’m not sure if it syncs both ways, or only shows your Google Calendar on the Today screen, but pretty cool. I’m going to have to try this one out as soon as a trial becomes available (Pocket PC Thoughts says a trial version is coming soon).


4 thoughts on “Pocket PC Today plugin syncs with Google Calendar

  1. It doesn’t sync, all it does is cache a copy of the Google Calendar, and then open it when you tap an event:

    ‘When a Google Calendar entry is tapped on the screen, the WebCalendar module will launch Google Calendar directly to that entry as long as the device is connected. This allows for easy editing online through Google. Once complete, just reload the Calendar to get any updates back to the device.’

    We have to keep hoping 🙁

    This is a good start I suppose – once the data is actually on the PocketPC I suppose it’s a much easier task to get it the last few nanometres into the PocketPC’s calendar.

    PS: The reason your previous post is so popular is that it’s the third Google result for ‘google calendar pocketpc sync’

  2. derek says:

    What I want is a utility that syncs my PocketPC calendar with Google Calendar directly over the air. No PC in the middle tools, or Outlook requirements. I dont use Outlook, I just want the PPC to talk directly with Google.

  3. Vladimir. says:

    I also need just a simple utility that syncs my PocketPC with Google directly! I am sure thousends of other users do!

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