Confirmed: Scoble banned from Second Life for letting his 12 year old son play

EDIT: Robert confirms the rumor, and gives us some more background on the issue.

EDIT 2: Looks like the story made TechMeme:
I made TechMeme - Scoble and Second Life

This just in: a little bird told me that Robert Scoble is getting a talking to from some Linden Labs folks who are here at Gnomedex for violating their policies, and letting his 12 year old son Patrick use his Second Life account. Second Life is supposed to be 18 and over (there’s a separate “Teen Second Life” without the explicit content).

Patrick was on the stage at Gnomedex during the lunchtime podcast, projected on the screen, and working on building some things in Second Life while the podcast was going on.

Apparently, he’s been booted/banned for this violation. He’s talked about this before, and it’s not really a huge deal, in my opinion – it’s Robert’s decision as a parent whether to let his son into Second Life.

Linden is completely in the right here, too, I think – they have to enforce their policies, especially when they’re being violated very publicy (as in, a live stream from Gnomedex, recorded for the podcast, and people like me taking pictures and blogging everything :-)).

Blatantly spreading rumors here, but hey, this is Scoble we’re talking about. 😉

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