Blog featured on commandN. I’m internet famous.

The amount of interest and press that has received since I launched it has been astounding. If I posted here every time it got mentioned on a high profile site (like Gizmodo, Wired, CNET, Seth Godin,, etc.), this would become nothing more than an vanity blog. 🙂 So I won’t do that. Besides the little ego boost that comes from a link from a big site, the links I get from blogs of people I know in the blogosphere actually mean more to me.

But TSF pal Nathan sent me a heads up that Unboxing was featured in the lastest episode of the commandN videoblog. The mention is right around 5:10 into the video, and co-host Amber gave a nice description of the site, and sort of kind of promised to send in photos of her Mac Book when she gets it. 🙂

Check it out, and thanks to Nathan for the heads up!


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