Verizon Wireless won’t take my money for a Motorola Q

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Just finished a couple of really frustrating phone calls with Verizon Wireless. I’m interested in buying the Motorola Q Smartphone, but I’m not interested in paying the full retail $419 price for it (new activations get the Q for $199). I want some kind of discount/credit for being a good customer, and being willing to extend my contract another two years.

The girl at the first store I called said that she would not sell me the Q at all. According to her, it’s Verizon policy that the Q be sold to only new customers, and customers who have finished a two year contract. I verified with her that they would not sell it to me at all, even at full retail ($419) price, and she said yes. I asked her if she was saying that they would not take my money, and she said yes. Un-flipping believeable. She stated clearly that she would sell me any other phone at full retail, but not the Q. I guess Verizon Wireless is rolling in money, and they don’t need to take mine. I explained that I would be blogging this fact, and she replied “OK”.

I called another store, and found someone who would sell me the Q, but only at full retail. I told him I was willing to re-extend my contract for another two years (I’m about 8 months in to my current contract), in exchange for some kind of discount. I don’t expect the new customer price of $199 but I do expect some kind of discount for the fact that I’ve been a good customer for 8 months, I have two phone lines and pay $45/month for EVDO data access (total of about $120/month), and was willing to extend my contract for another two years. He insisted I pay the full retail price of $419, or wait until September 2007, when I’m supposedly eligible for a whopping $100 discount under their “New Every Two” program *chortle*. Sure, I’m going to wait a year to pay you $319 instead of $419.

So, if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, or are thinking about becoming one, you had better like the phone you get when you first sign up, because they’ll bend you over if you ever want to upgrade.

I bought a $600 premium phone (Samsung i730 Windows Mobile phone), signed a two year contract, pay their outrageous EVDO fees, and even bought a phone for my wife and added a line, and this is how I’m treated. Nice. I told the guy that I’d be taking my money elsewhere, but this was a mostly empty threat, because they’d hit me with the old $175 cancellation fee, and I don’t know who I’d switch to, because they’re all pretty much the same, policy-wise. I switched to Verizon because of their fast EVDO access. Sprint is the only other carrier that offers EVDO, but they have a much smaller selection of Smartphones and PDA phones, and their EVDO coverage is not as wide as Verizon’s. T-Mobile and Cingular have EDGE for wireless data, but that tops out at about 120Kbps, and I just don’t want to go back to something so slow. I use my phone far more for data (email, web, etc.) than I do for voice. That’s why I wanted EVDO in the first place.

I guess I’m just venting. It’s so frustrating! The cell carriers get us locked into contracts, and then don’t do a thing to try to keep us as happy customers. They figure that they own us. And led by the EVDO ring in my nose, I can’t work up the guts to do anything more that make a blustery post on my blog about how much it all sucks. *sigh* What a wimp…


47 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless won’t take my money for a Motorola Q

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  3. Yeah, it does suck. I am a recent (kicking and screaming, holding out til the last possible moment precisely because of this foolishness) inductee into the world of cell phones, so I am recently well read on the fine print. The first girl was just plain misguided, of course. But as much as it hurts, take a look at what would happen if changing phones at rapid rates would do. What would happen to all those 8 month old (and now used and not nearly so attractive, as well as being last years models) phones? The deal is, and it’s the same with T-Mobile, my carrier, that you accept keeping the phone for a while. If you want to hop to the latest technology, you’ll pay a penalty. You’re already locked in, so discounting a phone to get you into a contract doesn’t really pay. If you really wanna get blustery, try figuring out how to sign up for service to be able to make an occasional call. I’m paying like $8 a phone call right now, but I couldn’t see being at Gnomedex without a phone! I’d get thrown out!
    see ya there…

  4. No contracts. That’s the best way to go… You are free from the start. Vodafone New Zealand is coming back to contracts, shame on them, because a couple of years ago they terminated all contracts – yes, that’s right: anyone on contract was free to go. No cancellation fees, nothing.

    It means no subsidy, but it also means more flexibility for everyone.

    But now they started offering contracts again. Shame…

  5. Josh. I hate to tell you this but the girl you spoke to misinformed you. She wouldn’t be able to upgrade you on ANY other phone at all. Verizon is stuck on the new every two process. Their point is that they state “We lose money” if you do not stay the entire two year term. That being said even if you re-upped for 2 more years they still never recoup their costs for the discounted phone. Now do I agree? NO .. But its a contract we signed so…

    If I were you I would try Best Buy.. They are more flexible and you might have better luck.

  6. Josh just checked the contract terms.

    “You must retain the same wireless handset for 24 months in order to receive the full advantages of this program. If you choose to replace your handset at a discounted price prior to completing 24 months of enrollment in the program, you will forfeit your benefits and be automatically reenrolled in the program. If you enrolled in the program on or after 11/25/02, you must take advantage of the New Every Two offer within six months of becoming eligible; otherwise, you may be charged full retail price to upgrade your current handset. Discount amount will be applied toward the two-year Customer Agreement retail price. Additional Family SharePlan® lines are not eligible to participate in the program. The amount of any available mail-in rebate may apply against and reduce the amount of the New Every Two credit.”

    So the conflicting issue here is “If you choose to replace your handset at a discounted price prior to completing 24 months of enrollment in the program, you will forfeit your benefits and be automatically reenrolled in the program.”

    Also i know they can re-up your contract but BEWARE that means 24months + 16 months for a total of 40 months which Josh is a hard thing for me personally to do. If they kept flipping they would become an easy way for someone to get a phone and Verizon lose money. For example

    $199 For Motorola Q
    say you re-upped for another 2 years and then cancelled tomorrow.. $199+175 = $375. Which means they lost the cost of the phone. Now again I dont agree but it does make sense. (BTW I am not even speaking about your discounted i-730)

  7. dabbler says:

    That’s the main reason why I NEVER goes with CDMA phone.. I am using Cingular now and with GSM phone, I can switch phone whenever I want. Yes, I do pay full price for those phone, however, I have the freedom to switch phone. Besides, unlock GSM phone has good resell value on ebay.. Not that bad when you consider that.

  8. I thought I would chime in. I am a mod at (one which you probably visit owning the i730).

    Verizon has a program called the Merits program. They offer this to people with a base plan of $79.99 (so basically your single voice plan, not including data, and any extras). So if your Voice plan is at least $79.99 by itself, you can become a member of Merits.

    One of the benefits of Merits is a New Every Two every One. So basically you can get a $100 credit towards a new phone every year, as long as you keep your 2 year commitment. I know you won’t get the phone for $299, but you would get it for $319 if you were a merits member and had 1 year of service under your belt. You also must be a Verizon customer for 6 months (which you have been), and be enrolled in merits for 3 months (which you would be if you enrolled now), then in 4 motnhs, you could get $100 credit on any phone you wanted.

    I also suggest you read many of the reviews that are out there about the Q. I personally used one for two days and was very happy to return to my i730. In fact if you read the ‘mini’ review about the Q I wrote in the i730 forum there, then you will see it’s a step back from the Pocket PC OS, and unless you are willing to give up a few things, you might want to stick with what you have.

    Also in case you didn’t know, you can obtain the WM5 OS for the i730 already, and before the end of the month, Verizon should officially announce the upgrade for WM5 on the i730.

    Sorry you have had such a bad experience with this. I pay quite a bit a month to Verizon (over $180/month), and they have been giving me the run around on stuff as well. Makes it very frustrating when you are such a good customer, of which I have been with Verizon since 1997 (actually GTE Wireless before they merged to become Verizon). Trust me, they screw over even long time customers as myself. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend our site ( for support on your i730, we have some very involved people to make it better, and with the release of WM5 (that we did back in late March/early April, it makes the phone even better. Also some of the developers are working on apps likes a Wireless Access Point software to make the i730 be able to essentially become a router.

  9. J says:

    I thought the “new every 2” is a discount off the two year price. That would make the Q $199-100=$99. Can someone confirm or deny this for me….

  10. Heren says:

    CDMA sucks. I knew one wireless provider which cheated me twice in changing the plans. I wish in Democracy, companies are getting away with accountability day by day. Wish some day, we will be free of such greedy corporations.

  11. JL says:

    Thats how they suckered you in with 2 year contracts. The shortest contracts are for 1 year to get a discount on phones. I got my cingular 8125 without rebate for 250 ($299 normally) from a Cingular Company store (not a kiosk). The sales guy was going to quit in 2 wks and remembered me from a while back when i was checking out the treo 650. Anyhow, he threw in all these discounts on accessories it was unbelieveable. I didnt go into the store but to check out the prices and ended up buying 2 phones. What I would do is speak to a different sales person instead.

  12. Wy says:

    That sucks, but EDGE with a reasonable carrier (T-Mobile) works good here. It’s not all that slow for web access, either.

  13. Dmitry says:

    The new every 2 price is the discounted price you see in the store or on the web, plus $100.00 discount in addition to that, plus any rebates available. So the Q with ne2 would be free. The conformation of that is the coworker of mine who got the Q on Thursday. As of myself I am using E815, witch I got about 7 month ego on the NE2 for the $99.00, with the VCast package, witch enables me to use it as modem for my PDA HX4700. In the EVDO area I get very dissent speeds on the data and so far Verizon has not charged me any data fees.

  14. Eric West says:

    Koodos for I used it 5 months ago when I left Cingular. It worked for me 🙂

    Good Luck !

  15. foo says:

    I’ve been in the same boat twice before.

    First, the Audiovox SMT5600 was available through AT&T (or was it cingular at the time – I forget). Walked into a store, asked for the phone. They handed it to me, went to checkout, and they asked for my cingular number. Told them I wasn’t a customer, and I just wanted to buy the phone at full price. I was going to unlock it and use it with T-Mobile, but I didn’t tell them this. They refused. But was willing to sell it at full price w/o a contract. The AT&T/Cingular employees claimed that it was against company policy, and they could lose their job for doing so. I said BS, but whatever. I’m happy giving my money to Amazon.

    Second event, T-Mobile SDA came out and as an existing customer, I wanted to buy one w/o extending my contract – I was willing to pay full price. Go into T-Mobile to test drive the phone – I liked it. Asked to buy it at full price w/o the contract extension, but the employee said they couldn’t do that since the phone just came out. They wanted to have the new phones available to help close the deal on getting new customers, or locking existing customers into a new 2 year extension. She said I could order it online from T-Mobile at full price w/o extension. But I wanted immediate gratification, so I said no.

    And here I sit, still with my out dated SMT5600. I can some what understand T-Mobile’s reasoning, but AT&T/Cingular was just stupid as the phone had already been out for several months.

  16. X Verizon User says:

    Go to Sprint. I was with Verizon for two years with my corporate account, but their anti-comsumer policies were too much for me to handle. With Sprint, you can get the Pocket PC 6700, a phone that is MUCH more capable and usable than the Motorola Q. Unlike the Verizon version that cripples Bluetooth usage (as a DUN modem) and WiFi and Phone usage, the Sprint version actually ENCOURAGES you to use it as a Bluetooth modem to your laptop! There is a wizard to hold your hand through the entire proces. And to top it off, why in the world is anyone using Verizon’s EVDO???? It cost $50 per month for all you can eat! With Sprint, it’s $7.50 for the same all you can eat data, only you can actually use it as a Bluetooth Modem (let alone the WiFi/phone capabilities). That’s right, if you have more than one line (I have 7 with my corporate plan), then the first one cost $15 for all you can use data, and each additional user is $7.50. Even as a single user, $15 sure beats Verizon’s non-consumer friendly $50 that doesn’t allow you to use it as a modem (without a hack from the internet). Verizon, you are going to die a painful death when WiMax/Skype takes over your business model, and that will be a happy, happy day for consumers.

  17. I worked on the Q. Don’t buy it. If you press on the keyboard, some phones will short circuit and reboot. That will be nice surprise for people who put it in their pockets. The last thing they got working was the audio and video… funny for a phone… and believe me, it doesnt sound very good. They off shored all these components, and then had to fire the vendors and bring them back to motorola. Unfortunately, all the “engineers” are really just business people pretending that they know a thing about software by bullying people aroudn at the corporation. Right before ship, they hired a few contractors to come to get it to boot up. They redesigned the thing so many times, until they finally copied the black berry and razr (everone knows that) and it used to be a swivel phone. There’s a reason why my razr has been replaced 5 times, and i dont plan on going through that with the blackberry. Funniest part was that microsoft didn’t know how their windows mobile software worked, and they wrote it. The manual was always wrong, and they’d just say welll “it compiles here in redmond.” Motorola is good at BS, just look at all the “let there be q” ads everywhere, focusing on its appearance rather that junky phone it is…

  18. B Low says:

    Do you think the $200 or $300 you pay for a phone actually covers the cost VZW pays for that phone? No way! Mobile providers rely on contracts to help offset equipmet costs as well as covering day-to-day operations expenses. If they allow customers to buy half-price phones before their contract is even halfway over, then their entire business model fails! They would have to go to selling phones at higher prices.

    Don’t bitch about not being able to get early upgrades whenever you want, when you’re not paying full retail price on the phone to begin with. I just don’t get why people feel so entitled, sometimes.

  19. IntelWife says:

    If you really want a Q why not let your fingers do the walking and go to EBay? There are several on there now? Here is an item number 9741610875 that currently has a bid of 319.00.

    There are other ways to get what you want, just research!

  20. Tyler Durden says:

    Vodafone Australia also offer no contracts with cap plans that include data. After averaging $140/month with Telstra for almost 7 years, I switched to Vodafone on a cap plan with no contract. I now use my mobile for everything and the only thing I use my home phone for is ADSL internet access, I make far more calls than I used to, and now it only costs me $80/month. The moral of the story, buy the phone outright, stay away from the contracts and you will be surprised how phone companies will keep you happy when you can leave them at anytime. After only a year with Vodafone they even rang me to ask if they could *give* me new phone.

  21. Kujo says:

    About celltradeusa thing…
    How safe is it.
    1. What if the person you transfer to doesnt pay, does the phone company come after you?
    2. Does the phone company keep your records, social,etc?
    3. Does the new person have access to any of your info?
    4. Any other negative risks?

    thanks im excited about this thing

  22. Marc Cohen says:

    I also used few months ago. When I called to cancel my contract & complained about the temination fee my provider told me to try
    After posting my stuff I was out of my contract in 8 days.

  23. Re: Verizon

    I just received a lengthy NOTICE of a “new customer agreement” due to a lawsuit, BUT “The court has not taken any position on, or approved, any part of this new customer agreement.”
    What are they really doing and should I take this one or keep my old agreement? I am trying to read and re-read to get the gist of it but it’s confusing.

  24. Laura says:

    RE: new customer agreement due to lawsuit

    Craig, thanks for the link to Verizon’s press release, but I don’t see any reference in there to a lawsuit, so I’m not at all sure that the changes described in that release are the ones they are making due to the lawsuit. Does anyone else have info on that lawsuit and what exactly they are presenting differently in the customer agreement? I think the month-to-month thing (after initial contract term) is new, right? But I’m not sure what else they’ve changed…

  25. Arnie says:


    You’ve either been talking to the wrong people or have not been forceful enough…I think. I have a Samsung SCH-i730, that I have had nothing but trouble with from the very first one that I have received July 6th 2005.

    I’m currently on the ninth one (the eighth replacement) and I have a Verizon Wirless supervisor working with me and Samsung to get me yet another i730…but with Mobile 5.

    The one that I currently have, I upgraded to Mobile 5 and it was much better for about a week, and then I began having (most of) problems that I was having with the i730 with 2003SE.

    If your willing to, please contact me and I’ll try you help you and offer some suggestions for resolving your situation.



  26. Guido says:

    We are considering celltradeusa. Our Sprint phones are falling apart…Samsung, dropped calls even when I’m talking to family who are out in the yard..this is crap….Sprint customer service to a joke…once your a customer they don’t have any incentive to help you at all. We are near the end of our two year but we hate it so much we don’t want to limp through 4 more months of crappy phone service…We wanted to “renew” thinking that would void our old contract…then cancel the new one within the grace period…but it sounds a little risky..I’d have to kill someone if I got stuck for two more years…

  27. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. Okay I am some dumb joe blow. I buy A new M3 every 3 years, and because I buy a new m3 every three years with all the options, i expect the BMW delearship to give me a break, just because I buy another BMW. Why should BMW give you a discount? You buy the BMW for a reason quality. If you don’t like that, then go buy a Freaking mercedes you moron!

  28. downer06 says:

    First off the fact that no one in this country wants to pay what a phone is worth is the reason why Americans get raped on there monthly service. Two a company like verizon that dose not even allow independent dealers to sell there product is part of the problem to. But regard less I was a cellular customer for 7 years before i started working in the industry now after another 5 years I have worked for Cingular T mobile as sales and sprint and nextel as a tech. I have to tell you with being charged full price on a phone because you want to upgrade every 8 months you are not being treated diff rent from anyone else in the country and i hate to break it to you but there are allot of average people with one line that spend over 150 a month and some well over 200 so your 120 for two lines is not really that significant and even though i personally feel we pay to much per month for cellular service in this country as a whole you have to understand that full out price of most phones is not allot more then your typical dealer pays. They give it to you for cheaper because of kick backs from the company. Now if you go with a carrier that dose allow third party representatives like sprint in this case most likely they will give you a decent trad in on your old phone to help you out with the coast but don’t expect any corporate owned facility to do that for you. The private guy can make a few bucks off a used phone or refurbish it and use it as a loaner or a swap for some guy who’s kid decides his phone looks good in a toilet. I hate to sound so negative and there was a time i felt like you but there are other country’s that in general have no contracts and pay 50% less per month for similar services but they buy there phones at full price. Americans as a whole want there cake and to eat it to somethings got to give somewhere.

    I know its is going to happen so…

    Flame away

  29. JD says:

    I know exactly how you feel although they never told me they wouldn’t let me pay full price. I went through all the same steps, 2 stores telephone sales with the same outcome as yourself. They couldn’t even get my upgrade date straight, each gave me a different date. Finally i called customer service, I’m not sure if you have tried that route yet but it worke for me i was able to upgrade at the new customer rate of $299 plus the $100 rebate, all i had to do was pay a $20 dollar early upgrade fee. Give it a try.

  30. Christine says:

    I have an account with Verizon Wireless that allows 450 minutes per month of Peak usage.

    I’ve noticed for the past 6 months or so, that a few days prior to the end of my billing cycle, I am not given a current read-out when I check for usage (pressing # 646 from my cell phone).

    At first, I figured that this might be just coincidental but it happened again and I called Customer Service requesting an explanation. I was given a lame excuse that it had something to do with some transmission towers not providing up-to-the-minute information (or some nonsense like that).

    Even if it were true (which I highly doubt), it’s amazing how those “transmission towers” seem to be working fine for about the first 28 days of my billing cycle.

    In addition, my plan and billing cycle date were changed about 2 months ago and the same thing has happened. This experience has cost me a few hundred dollars in overage charges to date and I truly believe that this nothing more than a scam perpetrated by another big corporation on its customers. Think of how much extra revenue is generated by doing that?

    I have had enough and I am switching carriers once and for all. If anyone has experienced similar problems such as me and has any helpful suggestions, please let your voice be heard. You may also contact me at passionquest_2006

    Thank you,


  31. JCal says:

    Common sense makes a good point. People who live in the United States have become accustomed to the ‘Lottery Mentallity’. Many of us expect something for nothing. Those are the same types of people that cause law suites for their own clumsiness or stupidity. These very same people are who get all they can from the insurance for pain and sufferring when they are involved in a 1 mph rear end collision. I would otherwise have many things to say to these people but I’m sure this blog is not the best forum. For right now, I say to these types of people, “Earn your own money!”, “Stop abusing the system!”, and “Do your share!”. It is because of you type of people that we pay the prices we do on cell plans, insurance, gas, tax, and attorney’s fees, among other things. The sooner you stop being stupid, will be the sooner we will all get to enjoy lower inflation and better prices on the very things you currently gripe about! Grow up and get a clue!

  32. Diane says:

    About the Q….. For me, this has been the most dissappointing phone that I have
    If you’ve owned PDA’s in the past, and are expecting the same quality, you will be seeing a sad comparison with the Q. This phone contains multiple data
    glitches, malfunctioning keypads, poor audio qualitiy, very poor and inconsistant
    blue tooth pairing, and multiple system malfunctions. Very Quirky and poorly
    designed. I Have not been happy with Verizon Wireless customer support team.
    There is inconsistent education and information passed on from employee to supervisor to employee. I am in the process of finding another carrier for our family of nine! I think anything else would be an improvement!

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  34. Sean Foley says:

    There are not too many options for consumers who are shopping for wireless service these days… but any option is better than Verizon! Please do not give you money to them, you’ll be sorry.

    I recently got a broadband card with Verizon for my laptop pc. I didn’t know if it was going to work where i would be using it so i asked the sales rep a lot of questions about their return policy. He assured me that I would not have to pay a dime it i bought it back within 30 days. The signal strengh wasn’t what i thought it was going to be so i returned it a couple days before my “Test Drive” expired.

    A month later I got a bill. I called the customer service line and they told me i should go into the store. I went into the store and the rep there told me that a mistake had been made but i was corrected now and i was good to go.

    another month went by and i got another bill. I went in again and they told me that they had made another mistake, but i would definitely have to pay for my first 30 days ($89). I was very upset because I talked a lot with the sales rep before i signed up and he said i wouldnh’t have to pay anything.

    The store manager said if i had taken my service to another carrier then there would be no charge but since i simply cancelled it they are charging me for the first month.

    So if i cancel have to pay, but if i bring my money to their competitors then i’m rewarded for that. Fine, Verizon i will do that. My cell phone service is expiring with tmobile in a couple months and i had planned to bring it to Verizon but now i am spared the nightmare of giving any more of my money to this company. They got my $89 but that’s all they’ll get and I will make sure anyone I talk to knows to stay away from this company.

    you should too.

  35. bob nelson says:

    You are all crazy. CDMA is by far the best technology to use. More people can use the network at one time because more channel availability is there. Less dropped calls because of the soft-hand-off technology!!! GSM is known for dropped calls. More of the world is changing to CDMA and it will be increasing year after year.
    Now, for the Verizon Wireless haters out there, bah!!! How can you expect to get everything for free and still be a part of the best network? If you don’t pay for the service and don’t pay for the phones, how can they spend money on making their network even better? Are they the cheapest, no. But they spend aver $4 Billion a year on their network and it shows. Try using your Cingular phone everywhere that my Verizon phone will. I will gladly take that challenge any time, any day, anywhere!!!

  36. alexander310 says:

    I work for VZW. The way the treat their employees is horrible. Now is a ripe time for a union to come in if anyone knows how to contact one. I saw an email where management sent that said, please refrain from using words like wonderful and great when reporting an employees performance. We do not want to encourage employees for a job they are supposed to be doing.

    The supervisors are told to score down so that employees do not receive high ratings so they dont qualify for higher raises.

    Anybody know of anyone hiring?

  37. andy says:

    I just got home from the verizon store after an hour and the half trying to buy a new phone at a discount because the one i have doesn’t work right. They refused to let me pay the difference to get the phone i want. The store said i should call customer service and have them write that the phone switch was allowed with manager approval. I went back to the store and the manager bryan at the falls church store refused to let me change the phones. Apparently you only have 30 DAYS to change, otherwise you end up as the customer service rep. literally agreed with the word “screwed.” now i can’t do anything. I asked the verizon rep. if “so once the contract is signed and its passed the 30 days i’m screwed,” she responded YES. THANK YOU VERIZON FOR MAKE ME A SUCKER OUTTA ME.

  38. Austin says:

    My dad has a corporate account with Verizon Wireless. He has about 20-25 lines on it. About 15 are just regular phones costing about $60 each a month, where as the other 10 are blackberries costing about $130 each per month. I had the Motorola Q which sucked, it froze up all the time and it had the shittest battery ever put in a phone. I purchased the extended battery for it which did no good. It was replaced once for freezing. It continued to do it everyday, sometimes more than once. For $300 the damn thing shouldnt freeze. I decided that i wanted a new phone that didnt suck so bad, so i went to VZW and they told me they wanted to replace it again, with another refurbished phone, which i have a huge problem with, considering the fact i bought a new phone, not a refurbnished one. Anyways, they told me it would be full retail for a new phone being that my term wasnt up yet. I said whatever and that i would pay the $300 for the new Blackberry curve that just recently came out. Being that i had the Q and a the voice and data plan with that, it needed to be changed for the blackberry voice and data plan. They wanted me to renew my contracrt for another 2 years, which means im getting a new agreement and a new plan. Why did i have to pay retail for the blackberry, and not the $160 or whatever it is on VZW’s website, when i basically got a new contract as well as a new phone? Then they had the nerve to charge me for an early upgrade fee, $20. So after all that shit i went through, i got my new blackberry, not a big deal, and not a lot of money, and im satisfied with it. MY girlfriend wants the new ENV 2, in which i wanted to get for her. I decided to call before i went to the store and wasted my time. My g/f’s plan isnt up either, but its still and ENV, just the new one, right? The VZW lady informed me that i would ahve to pay full retail for that as well, $320, thats more than my freaking blackberry. I asked her if i could use my corporate account to buy the phone and get my discount on the device, and she replied No, thats not possible. So they want to charge me more for an ENV than for a blackberry? I think thats hilarious, as well as un ethical. Im not a genuis but im not a complete idiot, why wouldnt they want to sell more phones, at a lesser price, than no phones at all? THe phones you and i both know dont actually cost $300 to make, much less for VZW to buy. They are making a ridiculous amount of money off the phones, and then the bullshited fees they charge for no reason, just because they can. Its basically because they are the best provider out there, they can screw all their customers over, because we will pay. How does it cost $20 to upgrade a phone? All they ahve to do it dial the *228 and the computer does it automatically. I am throughly disgusted with Verizon Wirelsss, and i hope nothing more than for them to see what they are doing, and look out for their customers, the people who make them possible. I shouldnt have to go through an act of congress just to buy a new phone. Im paying them for it, i dont expect it for free, jsut at a reasonable price, considering the fact i pay $130 just for one phone eachmonth. They just honestely piss me off, and i only wish there was another provider out there willing to provide customer service in a decent manner.

  39. Bob Garrett says:

    Very Very poor service
    I purchased a new phone from Verizon Wiress and they added things to the new phone that i did nor ask for or wanted and I called and ask for credit for thing i did not want or ordered the cost was over $360.00 dollars they said no to the the credit so I ask for a Manager they where very rude and said it would take 45 mins. well it took over 75 mins. for them to take my call and they where very rude. THIS COMPANY DID NOT GIVE CUSTOMERS SERVICE AT ALL!

  40. Adrienne says:

    Honestly, the customer service at Verizon Wireless is one of the worst I have experienced. The only thing the company cares about is the easiest and fastest way to make money. If they really thought about how they could help their customers instead of new ways to screw them over, they would be a much more successful company.

  41. BRIAN S says:


  42. Kathy says:

    In just a few weeks my Verizon contract ends and I am counting the days. Almost two years ago I bought service for three phones—plus Fios! I was concerned about the coverage in my area—I had heard it was low. But the flashy, quick-talking Verizon schister told me that my area was due to be upgraded in eight weeks. He even made a bogus call to the “tech center” to confirm. Today, almost two years later, I still have to run outside and up a steep hill to hear anything on my cell phone. I have called Verizon continually. They could give a crap about satisfying a good customer—and one whom they lied to. No offer to terminate the contract—no offer to reimburse my monthly fee. No nothing. PLEASE reconsider if you plan to sign up with Verizon. They care nothing about their customers.

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