Weather from Hell

We were out of town for the weekend – down in Eugene, OR for a family reunion, and surprise 75th birthday party for my father in law (it was a blast). I’m taking a couple of days off this week before Gnomedex 6 for a “vacation at home”, to get some stuff done around the house.

I don’t know how my wife’s family always manages to plan the annual reunion on the hottest weekend of the year, but they’ve managed to do so for 5 years running. 🙂 We’re having record hot weather in Oregon this week.

Yesterday, Rachel and I spent the day driving up the Oregon coast (from Eugene to Florence, then north to Cannon Beach and home to Portland). The weather on the coast was beautiful – sunny and in the 70s. As soon as we got over the mountains to come home, though (we stopped for dinner at Camp 18 on highway 26), the heat has been miserable.

Our house is evidently not very well insulated, and when we got home, it was a furnace. The upstairs bedrooms were especially bad. Our computer was running its fans full blast, and the office felt like it was 150 degrees. My little alarm clock next to my bed has a thermometer built into it, and it read 93 degrees when we went to bed. Yuck.

It’s a little cooler now outside – 73 degrees F at 3:00 AM – and much cooler in the office, where I’m writing this. “What are you doing writing a blog post at 3:00 AM?” you ask? Way too hot to sleep, even with two fans pointed at me. It’s slightly cooler in the office than in my bedroom, so here I am.

It’s supposed to get slightly cooler the next few days. I hope so. If not, we might be headed back to the Coast, where the temperature is tolerable. 🙂