Blog is freaking awesome – how come no one told me?

On a whim, I went over and created an account at I’ve been seeing more and more people use it for their videoblog posting, so I thought I’d check it out.

Very impressive. You can upload video from the browser, record from the browser (if you’re using Safari on an iSight-equipped Mac), upload via email, via FTP, or via an uploader app they have. Once the video is uploaded, you have a blog with a feed for podcasting at, you can have them crosspost to your own blog (Blogger, WordPress, etc.), send a copy of your video to the Internet Archive for safekeeping, post a link to and/or post a thumbnail to Flickr, all with the tags you provide for your post. You can choose to have the video rendered in Flash when viewed in a browser (while keeping the original video file format for podcast/feeds and downloads). And all of that is free (for now – they mention that paid “Pro” accounts will be available in the future).

You can see my stuff at, though there’s nothing there yet, and I plan on having all of my video posted here at TinyScreenfuls, anyway. With the awesome new video modes on my new Canon SD700 camera (320×240 at 60fps, or 640×480 at 30fps), I’m all of a sudden excited to start taking and shooting a lot more video. Stay tuned! 🙂