Catching Up

Today felt like a Monday, after the long holiday weekend, Gnomedex, and the vacation days I took last week. I’ve been out of the office for a week and a half, and I have to admit that I only checked my work email briefly a couple of times. What that meant was a large pile of emails (over 250 after spam filtering and rule processing, which isn’t really too bad) were waiting for me when I fired up Outlook this morning. What did I learn from all of that? That I need to uninstall Outlook 2007 Beta 2 and go back to Outlook 2003, because it’s just too painfully slow to process a lot of email.

Big news in the blogosphere today is that Amanda Congdon is no longer going to be on RocketBoom (the most popular video blog there is). Speculation is rampant, from “she quit” to “she was fired” to “we’re being punk’d”. We’ll see how it all settles out.

Had a good July 4 – went to a little parade in downtown Hillsboro (it was really long, actually – 2 hours and 200 entries) with Emma and Rachel. We were glad we brought our beach umbrella, because it rained briefly, and then got sunny and hot. The umbrella protected us from both. We bought a little assortment of fireworks, and set them off about 9:00 PM, before it was really dark, because Emma hadn’t had a nap, and was getting increasingly cranky. She was terrified of fireworks last year, but she seemed OK with them this year after we warmed her up with some smoke bombs and showed her how to throw the little pop-its things (aside: I bought a huge case of those, since they were on sale for $10. Now I just have to figure out something cool to do with them :-)).

Heading back to work after Gnomedex, I’m reinvigorated and re-inspired to make some really cool stuff happen inside Intel. Got lots of ideas while I was there, and I’m going to start working on implementing them. I’ll share as I go along.

Intel has some really cool, really funny (yes, you read that right) new ads for the new Xeon server processors (codenamed Woodcrest). I’m trying to see if they’re public yet, so I can share them with you. I love them, and I’m happy to see Intel showing some guts and initiative with the new ads. Of course, ads are nothing without performance to back them up, but from everything I’ve seen, the new architecture chips (Conroe for the desktop, Woodcrest for servers, and Merom for mobile) kick butt in lots of great ways.

Hope you had a great weekend – stay tuned for more updates as I get caught up! 🙂