DualCor cPC WILL have integrated WiFI and Bluetooth

Gadgeteer Judie was offered the opporunity to buy an engineering sample version of the DualCor cPC, and she jumped on it. The one she’s getting has no integrated WiFi or Bluetooth, which, last I had heard, was how all of them were going to ship.

The bigger news here is that now, apparently they’ve gone back to the drawing board, and are adding WiFi and Bluetooth to the device, rather than requiring you to add them on via CF or USB. Cool! 🙂

Judie says the devices will be shipping to consumers in 90 to 120 days. That’s a lot later than they were originally supposed to be available, but I for one am happy to wait if it means they’re adding WiFI and Bluetooth (which I’ve maintained should have been there from the beginning).

Disclosure: I’m on the DualCor Board of Technical Advisors, although this is the first news I’ve heard out of them since Dave Ciccone stepped down as Director of Strategic Alliances.