Installed Bad Behavior spambot blocker

WordPress is an absolutely awesome blog platform, and I’m in love with it. One of the coolest things about it is Akismet, which absolutlely slays most of the comment spam that I get. But there are still a few that leak through.

I’ve been hearing great things about a WordPress plugin called Bad Behavior, which operates on a similar basis to Akismet, but it tracks and blocks the spam bots/crawlers to prevent them from even seeing your site. Humans and legitimate search crawlers get through just fine, but spam crawlers are told “talk to the hand”. 🙂

I installed it this morning, and within minutes it said it had already blocked 7 attempts. Dang. You can always see the number of blocked attempts in the last 7 days at the very bottom of any page on Cool stuff.


One thought on “Installed Bad Behavior spambot blocker

  1. Hey Josh

    I installed this a couple of months ago when I was getting something like 200 spam comments per day.

    The combo of BB and Akismet have turned it down to a trickle. Maybe 1 spam comment per month!

    I have noted any adverse issues with it.

    I hope your experiences are as good.



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