6 thoughts on “Laptop Sleep Phobia

  1. I must be missing the joke: why is your computer crashing funny?

    I get kind of annoyed by my laptop crashing, since it takes close to five minutes for it to restart from scratch. I don’t feel like laughing or even smiling when it happens. It’s just annoying.

    If you want to do something really noteworthy in your role as the Intel blogger, take this message back to your corporate masters: we want laptops that power on in at most a second or two, and don’t crash. We don’t really care whether it is your fault or Microsoft’s fault: figure out how to make it happen.

  2. Mark, that’s a very good point. The funny part isn’t the crashing – I “sleep” my laptop exclusively, and it hardly ever crashes. The funny part is seeing people around here walk between meetings with their laptops cracked open, because they’re afraid it might crash.

    I agree that getting good suspend/resume should be a priority for Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc. I’m going to do a follow up post on this, to see if I can bring some more attention to the issue.

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. IntelWife says:

    I notice that it takes forever sometimes for my husband’s IBM laptop to fall asleep. He is on the list to be getting a new laptop the first part of 07 and I know that he is looking forward to it. Me? My wonderful HP goes to sleep on a dime with no issues! I know that he hates it when the darn thing crashes. Too bad there is not a way for the powers that be can’t find a faster way to recover systems and programs without having to wait a whole day often times. Like give certain groups a back up option for their laptops so that if one crashes they have another way to be productive.

  4. Matthew Ernest says:

    I can’t tell you how many times during the day I have to fight off the urge to yell out “It’s a computer not a pizza!”

    What these people haven’t managed to internalize is that slinging them around while still running increases the rate at which the hard drive will have errors and make it *more* likely to have frequent crashes. That’s why IT says to suspend before picking up the laptop, and just because IT enjoys stealing our productive life 3 seconds at a time (though that’s a close second;-)

    I have to say that Apple suspend and restore is incredibly fast, i.e. the display is on and the system is accepting input faster than I can get the screen completely open. That’s even on the Intel hardware, so there’s nothing exceptional about the platform required.

    At the otehr end of the specrum, there’s something about Visio that manage to prevent the machine from suspending. It even pops up a dialog box saying so… but you can’t even see it becasue you’ve already closed the screen.

  5. My notebook, a Dell Latitude D610, boots in 15-20 seconds, shuts down in about 4-5 seconds, suspends in 2-3 seconds, and resumes in 2-4. I’ve never had it crash during a suspend/resume operation even when I drastically change its environment. (Like suspending it while connected to a wireless network in one building then returning to my desk in another building, docking it, and having it suddenly connected to new devices and a wired network when it resumes. (In the case where I dock it while suspended, the resume time to a usable state is slightly longer as the attached devices are detected and initialized, but I don’t recall it ever being more than five or six seconds.)

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