Layoffs Really Suck

This is being reported all over the place today – Intel is laying off 1000 managers. There was a company-wide email from Paul Otellini this morning explaining the measures. And this news alert just happened to show up on my MSN Direct SPOT watch at lunchtime.

I’m not going to talk more about it for a while, out of respect to those who have learned (or have yet to learn) their fate. It’s not my role as a corporate blogger to spread rumors or break news. But I figured a lot of people would be wondering what I thought of this news, so I wanted to post my stance on the matter. I’m not a manager, so I’m not directly affected, but I’m sure I will be, indirectly.

Is it a good thing for Intel? I guess we’ll see down the road. This is the first real layoff that Intel has done since the 80s – they usually use something called redeployment, where you have a period of time to try to find another position inside the company. This was an out and out layoff. A bold move as part of the ongoing restructuring of the company.

There was a news camera crew interviewing someone outside of the Jones Farm 3 building when we got back from lunch today. I’m sure there will be a lot more news and talk about this, and it’s ramifications, but for now, I’m keeping my mouth shut, because layoffs suck, and cause a lot of really strong emotions in everyone involved. Best of luck to those Intel managers that got the bad news. Start a blog if you don’t already have one, to show off what you know, and what you’re good at, and to get your name out there for prospective future employers.


11 thoughts on “Layoffs Really Suck

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  2. Jona says:

    I know what you mean. I’m really glad I’m not a manager right now but this layoff just freaks evryone out because you don’t know what’s going to happen to yourself or others you work with. I’d like to see the company do something to help those that are still left deal with the guilt, etc when this is all done.

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  4. I think that Intel needs to restructure and improve in order to emerge as a stronger company; however, several of my friends were among those asked to leave. Friday was a sad day at Intel.

  5. obtimistic_no_more says:

    Layoffs…one more time…they always do this. Hire then Layoff.
    Wonder when AMD will take over… They treat their employees with a lot more respect although they are much smaller than Intel.

  6. Waiting for the axe to fall says:

    Maybe AMD is able to treat their employees better because they’re smaller and Intel has decided to try and copy them? Somehow I think it works better to grow up to a small company rather than trying to amputate your legs after the growth spurt. It hurts less.

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