Love my Canon SD700 IS – My Gnomedex 6.0 Photos

I’ve uploaded the rest of my photos from Gnomedex 6 – you can see them all in this Flickr set.

I’m really, really loving my new Canon SD700 IS camera. It took some great shots this weekend – stuff that I’d never have been able to pull off with my old Nikons. Besides my famous “Best Photo of Gnomedex” (which made it to ValleyWag!), I got some pretty cool shots of the Experience Music Project, Space Needle, and Seattle Waterfront, too. Definitely no regrets on the camera – it’s been worth every penny so far. In a weird geek circular connection, it was Chris Pirillo who first recommended this camera to me. 🙂

I got a spare battery for it today, so I’ll always have one charged and ready. That’s one downside to going back to Canon’s ultracompact cameras – my Nikons used AAs, and I have some 2200mAH 15 minute rechargeable NiMH cells that have worked great. I wanted to stay away from proprietary and expensive (the Canon NB-5L battery is $60 retail, $42 from Amazon) batteries. But, I had to compromise somewhere.

I know a lot of the shots are “noisy”, from using the high ISO settings on the camera. I’m still getting a feel for the best balance, and how to best take a shot in low light. To me, noisy is better than completely blurry.

Check out the photos, and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Love my Canon SD700 IS – My Gnomedex 6.0 Photos

  1. John says:

    For replacement batteries you need to go here:


    I bought 3 (something about free shipping if I ordered 3) for my canon sd400 and they are at least as good as the original. Some people claim they are better, but I don’t measure how long they last. I have gone through 2 in one day so definitely am glad I had more than 2 of them.

    Bought them just over a year ago and they are all going strong. I have no affiliation to the company, just a very satisfied customer.

    BTW, I first heard about them here:

  2. Thanks for that link, John. I’ll check them out. I had a bunch of Amazon gift certificates that needed using, so that’s how I paid for the Canon battery.

    Any bad experiences from using non-Canon off brand batteries? The specs show they’re slightly higher capacity 1300mAH vs 1120mAH in the Canon), but I’m a little wary of non-OEM batteries in digital cameras…

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