Playing with Twttr – wanna join me?

Twttr, the text message friend tracking system, has been all the rage in the blogosphere these days. I just got an invite from Jason, which means that all the cool kids are officially doing it, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Pretty cool so far, but you need to have some people in your network before it becomes really useful.

So, if you want to join me on Twttr, my page is, and my cell phone number is listed over in the sidebar of my blog. I don’t know if you have to have an invite code to join, but if you do, post a comment or drop a note, and I’ll send one (I’ll need either your email address or your cell phone number to send an invite).

Let’s all get twttrpated! 😛


3 thoughts on “Playing with Twttr – wanna join me?

  1. Jen Teal says:

    If I didn’t believe you before when you introduced yourself as a geek, this certainly has me convinced. I guess I need to get a decent cell phone now? sigh. Have fun.

  2. You’re exactly right – it is very similar to dodgeball. I played with dodgeball, but never really adopted and started using it. Mainly because no one I knew used it, so it wasn’t any good to me. The same thing may very well happen with my twttr usage, but I’m in the “try it and see” period, so we’ll see… 🙂

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