Podshow not hijacking my podcast feed

Do I even still count as a podcaster? Oh, wait. Don’t answer that. Because I’ll have a witty response coming soon! Like, within a week, if the stars align. 🙂

I don’t know whether to feel snubbed or relieved that Podshow isn’t hijacking my podcast feed and violating copyright like they are for Dave Winer and Todd Cochrane (and who knows how many others).


2 thoughts on “Podshow not hijacking my podcast feed

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  2. I guess that whether or not it is hijacking depends on your perspective. I am not sure that I have a view one way or the other about it, but I do know that there is an entry for your podcast on Podshow’s site. It was automatically created a few months back when I imported my OPML: It looks like they indicate that it is a non-Podshow-Network podcast by saying “Unofficial Guide To…” in the title, which is a little weak.

    As to whether or not it’s hijacking, I don’t know. As a content consumer, I find it to be a useful service. It lets me aggregate several different podcasts into a single “channel” (e.g. technology), which arguably could be done with Smart Playlists, but this method seems easier. I can listen to that channel on the web or on the iPod. Podshow+ also lets me find related shows–I can see the sorts of people [that are registered as Podshow+ users] who are listening to a show that I like, then see what other shows they are listening to. That’s the sort of thing I loved about P2P networks back in the day–I could search for music I liked, then browse the people who are sharing it so that I could find stuff that they like, but is new to me. From my perspective, it’s just an RSS reader with a bunch of fancy aggregation and user-community features.

    Would you say that Google RSS or some other web-based RSS reader is hijacking feeds? They’re likely keeping cached local copies of the feeds for performance reasons. They may insert ads on the pages you’re using to view the feeds. But I wouldn’t say that a plain ol’ web-based RSS aggregator hijacks feeds. Now what about the podcast section of the iTunes Music Store? I do see the gray area with Podshow+, but am having difficulty finding a specific line they’ve crossed that the other services haven’t.

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