The Best Photo of Gnomedex

Chris Pirillo – Strike a Pose, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Chris was posing for us, which in funny in and of itself, but he didn’t know what was on the screen behind him, which made it even funnier. Now he’s waiting for these shots to end up on ValleyWag. 🙂

This is the photo of Gnomedex because it’s been favorited, blogged, linked, shown on the screen at the front of the auditorium, and basically used in any way possible to embarrass Chris.

This is why I sat in the front – to take shots like this! 🙂

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Update: This pic has been getting some mileage. I’ll update here as links come in.

Chris Pirillo’s reaction shot of this photo being shown during the conference.

Scoble wonders why this photo isn’t on ValleyWag yet?

Dave Winer posts a close cropped version on Scripting News.

Chris Pirillo: My Career is Over.

Finally made it to ValleyWag!

Currently #2 most “Interesting” photo for the “gnomedex” tag on Flickr, and the only shot from 2006 to show up in the list so far.