Upgraded to PSP Firmware 2.80

Upgrading to PSP Firmware 2.80, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Version 2.80 of the Sony PSP firmware came out yesterday, so I installed it today. Sure, every new version of the firmware breaks the homebrew/hacked software that people have figured out how to run, but I never got into using that, and there have been just enough features in the firmware updates that Sony has put out (a web browser, podcast support, game demos, etc.) to draw me down the upgrade path.

The 2.80 firmware went on without a hitch. I installed the game demos for Mercury Meltdown (and Loco Roco, which I meant to grab when 2.70 came out, but never did), and subscribed to a video podcast to test it out (Ask a Ninja, of course ;-)).

You can find a couple more photos I took during the upgrade (of the Mercury Meltdown demo, Ask a Ninja, etc.) in this photo set on Flickr.

I’ll play around with it some more, and post anything interesting. Anyone else out there take the plunge? What do you think?


21 thoughts on “Upgraded to PSP Firmware 2.80

  1. My DS, only because there are more games that I like. The PSP has been in kind of a drought lately, and it suffers from too much sameness with all the other consoles – lots of racing games, fighting games, sports games, and first person shooters.

    The DS has many more creative, unusual games – Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Electroplankton, plus some that are new takes on old classics – Tetris DS, New Super Mario Bros, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong – there are good games on the PSP (Me and My Katamari, Lumines, etc.), and it’s a great system, but I just play my DS more.

  2. JL says:

    Cool news!
    I don’t have a PSP but this new features are just what I was looking for in a small device… So I’ll get one in my next trip to the US!

  3. you can download games on psp fire wire 1.00. 1.50. 2.00 2.50 2.71 but you cannot downlaod games on 2.80 you can just only download 3 games demo loco roco …. mercury … and soccor demo

  4. how to put flash games on psp v 2.80 make new folder to youre memory stick name that folder games copy youre gravity game paste game to games folder then go to psp web browser type file:/games/gravity.swf and you can play that game on psp now without internet connection you can put some more games . in that games folder in future if you wish

  5. Riku says:

    How can u possibly say all this??? About 4mil+ people are out there waiting for a 2.80 DOWNGRADER and everyone in the PSP world(‘cept a few hermits like yourselves) is hanging on the edge of a breakthrough.

    With 1.5 you can play HOMEBREW, watch your own MOVIES, MUSIC and PICTURES. Also games and even legal backups of your UMDS.

    All i got is one q for you, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS? UNDER A ROCK!?

  6. Reel Gamer says:

    Some of us do support legitimate gaming and don’t like or condone piracy,
    There is no such thing as a legal UMD iso,If they were legal sony would be charging you to download them.
    I have seen a few psp’s that no longer play UMD’s because people seem to think that the psp can be flashed backwards and forwards an unlimited number of times.They where wrong and so are you.
    I have had the newest version firmware on my psp and have never had an issue with playing my own movies,converted with pspvideo9 of course,and with the gta loader you can get virtually all worthwhile homebrew working.
    Riku,it’s people like you that give sony a reason to try to stop the homebrew scene,

  7. 18 danny 88 says:

    i have version 3.03 and i want to know the latest things my psp can do……. anyone know???

  8. Alex says:

    Hey, i just got my PSP, version 2.60, can it play all PSP games for that version and lower? So if i upgraded to the new3.30, would i be able to play ALL games?
    If not, WHY?????

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  10. johnny says:

    i have version 3.50 and everytime i try to download mlb 07 the show my psp says currupted file or something like that. Can someone tell whats wrong?

  11. i make demos says:

    i make demos for instance i can play nba 07 demo on my 2.80 firmware without any hacks if you want a edited demo to fit your firmware email me at if you want proof email me too

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  13. Blade says:

    hi all i have a PSP slim version 3.50 every time i try and put a movie on the memory card and play them on my PSP a error message comes up saying cannot play format or something in that area, i have used most different converters for convertering files to psp mp4. can anyone give me some advice on how i can get movies playing from my psp without needing to hack it or use home brew software, please email me at if you are able to help i would be very appreciated, thanks in advance for any help.

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