Liveblogging the birth of our second child

I’m going to be liveblogging (updating this post) during the birth of our second child, using Dave Winer’s YoMoBlog.

This is just a post to get started. We leave for the hospital soon. Check back often for updates! πŸ™‚

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments ans wishes. We appreciate it.

Rachel kind of freaked out when I showed her this, so I had to explain that I wasn’t going to give a minute by minute account. Just lots of updates over the next half day or so. Hope no one had expectations otherwise. πŸ˜‰

At the hospital now. We’re doing a scheduled C-Section, which was not what we had wanted, but that’s a long story. It’s kind of weird, knowing ahead of time what’s going to happen when. Takes a lot of the anxiety out of it (but not all – this is a major surgery, after all). We’re so excited!

It’s a boy!

Mama’s fine, and baby’s fine. We’re donewith recovery and in our room now. Such a beautiful little boy! And big, too. 9 pounds 13 ounces. We couldn’t be happier.

I’ll upload some photos tomorrow. For those concerned about Rachel’s reaction to me blogging this, her “freaking out” was more in a roll her eyes kind of way. Of course I’m being sensitive to her, and this is definitely all about our family. But during the downtimes, I just pop over to yomoblog and post a sentence or two. It’s all in perspective. πŸ™‚


And we’re off…

… to the hospital this afternoon, to have the baby delivered. We’re excited, and nervous. And scared. But our nurse/midwife Mary is awesome, and we have faith that everything is going to be fine.

I’ve been planning out which gadgets I’m going to bring to the hospital. I’m going light, practicing uploading photos from my Canon SD700’s 4GB SD card to Flickr using only my Windows Mobile phone. And I’ll be bringing my Nintendo DS and iPod to while away the hours (we’ll be in the hospital for 4 days).

Any bets as to the sex of the baby? We deliberately didn’t find out. And we’ve got a few names in mind, but nothing set in stone. We want to meet our baby, and then decide which name fits. So there’s still time for you to suggest an awesome name and take credit for naming our second child. πŸ™‚

I’m posting this via Dave Winer’s YoMoBlog, and I’ll be posting updates via the same, so stay tuned for the announcement, and cute baby pictures!


Limited availability and posting for a few days

For those of you who don’t know, my wife Rachel is 9 months pregnant with our second child. We’ve had a few doctors appointments this week, and while mom and baby are fine right now, there are some things the doctors are concerned about, and she’s been ordered to rest for a few days, and we need to decide exactly how the baby is going to come into the world.

Because of all this, I won’t likely be availble or posting much for the rest of the week. On top of all of that, I’m having trouble connecting to work via VPN to cancel meetings and such. I’ve made some phone calls and left messages for the people involved, but if you are looking for me, and happen across this post, you’ll know what’s going on.

Please don’t worry about us – everything is going to be fine. If you need to reach me, my email address is the best way – that goes to my phone. Thanks!


Apple launches iTunes Affiliate Program for Podcasters

Just got the following in an email from Apple:

By joining the iTunes Affiliate program, you can earn a 5% commission when you drive traffic to your podcast page on iTunes and generate sales of music or video content during the same 24-hour user session. You also have exclusive access to Apple-designed banners that you can use to promote content. For more information on the program or to sign up today, please visit:

If you have additional questions on the iTunes Affiliate program, visit:



I recorded a podcast this morning, but…

I know half of you won’t believe me, but I started an experiment this morning recording an episode of TinyPodcast in the car, on my way to work. I was talking into the M-Audio Microtrack, which is suffering some partition/formatting issues, and alas, when I got to work and plugged it in, there was no file for this morning’s recording.

I’ll fiddle around with it, and see if I can correct the issue (it’s recording fine now), and try again tomorrow.

TinyPodcast will return, I promise! πŸ™‚


Akismet (was) Down

I’m not the only WordPress user that’s noticed the increase in spam comments that Akismet is letting through. Scoble has noticed, too. I’m sure Toni and Matt will fix it soon.

Interesting how dependent we become on tools that are invisible when they’re working. πŸ™‚

Update: Scoble says “They say it’s fixed now (looks like it on my site). Let us know if it’s not.”


Socks with Crocs?

I’m the least fashionable person in the world. Most of the time, I pay way more attentiion to function over style (cargo pants). But I have this thing for funky, unusual shoes. Usually orange. πŸ™‚

So I got an orange pair of Crocs. Apparently, they’re all the rage. They’re super comfortable, if a little funny looking.

So here’s the question: socks or not? I have pretty ugly feet, but is it more of a fashion faux pas to wear socks with Crocs? πŸ™‚


How I’m doing all of these Windows Mobile screenshots

I’m using an application called Resco Photo Viewer, which comes with a “Screen Capture” app (there are others – this happens to be the one I use). I launch the screen capture app, switch to the view I want to capture, tap the button, and it saves it as a .PNG. It then opens it up in the viewer, where I have the option to send the image via email. I email it to my Flickr “upload by email” address, then view it at Flickr and drag it into the blog post I’m writing in Performancing for Firefox.

Simple, no? πŸ˜‰


WordPress Mobile – automatically redirect mobile devices to a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress Blog

WordPress Mobile is a plugin by Alex King that creates a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress blog, and automatically redirects visitors on mobile devices to that version of the page. You can see what it looks like on this blog by going to

Here’s a screenshot:

On Windows Mobile devices, Pocket IE does a pretty good job of formatting WordPress blogs down to being readable (especially at lower font sizes). But, given all the attention on mobile web stuff lately, I figured I’d better install this plugin (I’ve known about it for a while), and point it out. πŸ™‚