Dave Winer launches Yomoblog, web-based blog editor for mobile devices

This is the app I’ve been helping test for Dave. He’s announced it on the blackberry-bloggers Yahoo group, which is public (anyone can join), so I’m assuming it’s safe for me to blog about it.

It’s a cross-platform, web-based, blog posting and editing tool for mobile devices (BlackBerry, Treo, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.). Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s Dave’s instructions for trying it out:

This is where you go..

Follow the instructions.

If anything goes wrong, or unexpected, please post to the list:

1. What you did.

2. What you expected to happen.

3. What actually happened.

Your goal is to create, edit and categorize a blog post from your mobile device.

It should work on any web-enabled mobile device (or your desktop for that matter).

If you have any problems, please post them to the list, and don’t email Dave, or post them here. Make sure to include 1, 2, and 3. Also, check your Spam email folder for the confirmation email – mine ended up on there on Gmail.

Update: Dave notes that it’s not quite “released” yet – he still intends to add features, fix bugs, etc., so bear that in mind. Dave has now “officially” released YoMoBlog.

This is definitely a niche that needed to be filled, and Yomoblog works great for me so far (with my WordPress blog, anyway), so I’m happy and more productive. Thanks, Dave! It is great when we can work together to make things better. 🙂