Holy Cow, I got quoted by Doc Searls

I can’t help but get all fanboy fluttery when I discover myself quoted and linked by Doc Searls, one of the Cluetrain authors, and someone I look up to very much.

I’ll get back to being serious in a bit, with more discussion on the topic of mobile web, but for now, imagine that I’m squealing like a teenage girl at a rock concert. 😉


One thought on “Holy Cow, I got quoted by Doc Searls

  1. Hey, i’m flattered that you’re flattered. But no looking up is required. i’m just another guy who happens to write and talk a lot.

    Here’s a thought for the mobile web, by the way…

    We need white box mobile devices and carriers that value free-range customers more than captive ones. To get that, we’ll need more niche customer groups (e.g. universities, cities, interest groups such as churges) who can pick and choose among providers and drive their own deals.

    My thinking at the moment, anyway.



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